Ya know what?

Funny how 3 little words can spark your interest like no other.

You know what?

I remember being a kid and being asked this question.

Oh, it didn't matter what.

 What mattered is that they cared enough to share ;)

So today is one of those ..Ya know what? days

I have been having fabric pinned to a rod for over a week now.

No time to sew. Yep.

Ya know before Christmas I was so busy, I sold the sign right off my wall? Yep.

Now I need another.. ha!

Ya know I got new carpet the other day? Yep.

Daring anyone to walk on it...ha!
 just kiddin'

Kinda ;)

Ya know my mantel still looks like this? Yep.

And ya know what?

It's OK with me.

Ya know I changed my arrangement out? Yep.

Took out the Christmas balls and added hearts.

Ground breaking I know...ha!

They are pretty cute though.

They were gifted to me by the very first blogger that landed on my site.

She no longer blogs.
 Miss you Sherri wherever you are.

Ya know where I store some of my junk?

In this lil hallway. Yep.

You know what?

I really appreciate that you take the time to visit me.

Thank you!

xo Susie


  1. so funny...sold the sign right off my wall! so something i would do!

  2. Ya know what? Love this! And I still have a little Christmas lingering, too. :)
    xo Heidi

  3. Ya know what? I love ya just the way ya are!

  4. Haha cute post! Isn't this life, really? Just never enough time ;)

  5. Love these real life posts - I don't feel such a failure!
    And you know what! My wood is piled up behind my dining room door all the time (the door opens onto a wall so no-one knows my woodpile is there except me!)

  6. You know what??? This was cute! I love your carpet by the way! :)

    We do the "you know what" all the time at our house.:)

    Take care!


  7. Nearly every sentence my daughter says starts out like that. Even the tattles.

  8. I like the pink heart ornaments! You are officially ready for Valentines Day! LOL

  9. Love the little pink hearts and the new carpet! We need some in a bad way! It's on our list! LOL

  10. Ya know what? I copied that tulip look and used an amaryllis in a glass jar and it looks awesome! It's not wide enough at the bottom for ornaments but maybe I'll switch out the amaryllis for tulips soon.

  11. Ya know what? Loved this post!

  12. You're right! That phrase is irresistable! Cute post!


  13. The carpet looks great, and those little hearts are just adorable!


  14. I love the carpet......

  15. Love the new carpet. I got new carpet about 3 months ago and it's very similar..that longer shag, multi-colored kind. Hides dirt well!

  16. You know what? You're welcome! Thanks for always giving me great ideas!

  17. THAT'S what I love about you.
    You are a REAL woman!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and making the rest of us feel "normal".

  18. I love it! Thanks! My Christmas decor is still sitting on the dinningroom table and my mantle looks like yours and "you know what?!" that's just how things have been around here too :)

  19. What a great post! and love that you sold your sign right off your wall!!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. I love visiting you. I wish I had more time to visit.

  21. You know what?! I actually drooled over that drapery fabric! Put me out of my misery please, or ya know what?! I might whine :P GREAT post!

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