Fun Fabric


They. Are. Finished....well almost.

I found this awesome fabric at my favorite shop.

PTree Textiles in Baton Rouge.

It had just the right colors I was looking for.

I won't share a DIY because quite frankly, I can't sew a lick.

My sister was blessed with those talents.

You can find her shop here.

Oh, it's not too late to enter for her giveaway in post below.

Hurry though!

I bought about three yards and just cut it right down the center.

It's decorator fabric so it runs wider than your average fabric.

I then lined it with some 3.00 fabric from Wal Mart.

It really helps cut down the glare.

Now I just have to hem soon...not holding my breath. lol

I recieved many emails asking about my chair.

It belonged to my Maw Maw and was passed down to me.

I never thought I would be able to work that funky green into my decor. Ha!

And to believe I wanted to just give her away.

In fact, I did!

I gave her to my sister.

You think maybe she will forget?

Gosh I hope so!

She just fits now.

Funky green and all~

I have a few more touches to add to this room and then I'm moving on.

A new room awaits.

So much more to tell you.

xoxox Susie


  1. love it miss susie!! very pottery barn-esque!

  2. Perfect. Love the fabric choice! Your funky green beauty looks right at home now. :)

  3. See what a great talent can do with a few yards of fabric?

    Oh, I meant to ask on the desk redo project, where did you pick up your chandeliers from??

    That color which is called chartreuse was developed in France 1760's and is ONE of my most favorite colors to use in fabric or silk greens.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and of course your sweet sissy Missy whom I adore so much.

    with hugs,
    Cotton Peony

    aka Olivia & Me

  4. Love the fabric colors and the CHAIR!!! I'm just learning to sew, and curtains are on my "list". I think yours look great, and who knew they weren't hemmed!?!

  5. beautiful! that fabric has some really great colors to pull from. and girl Im with you- I cant sew a lick-I do it when I *have* to but dont look to close

  6. ooo la la...I'm loving that fabric. :) It's fitting for it's name "Savannah" :)

  7. Susie, Love the fabric and the colors are really pretty.
    Hugs, Sherry

  8. The fabric is delightful!
    I found this ottoman once at the thrift shop, it was this worn green velvet, but there was something about it i liked, my sister was with me, and she called it pond scum green... but you know, that old ottoman looked good with just about anything. I kept it for years! The color was similar to your cool green chair!


  9. Susie, I love your curtains! That fabric is one of my favorites. PTree Textiles is dreamy, I could spend hours in there. You better keep your maw maw's chair and it goes perfect with your curtains.

  10. Oh, Susie!
    Thank you for sharing this fabric. I had to Pinterest it!
    I have been searching high and low for a fabric with green AND blue in it AND white that I liked and this is it.
    The sweet, old chair is perfect in this space. Maybe your sister has a bad memory?
    HUGS and blessings to you!

  11. I just love that chair, the fabric...all of it.

  12. Love the fabric, love the chair! It's a happy spot. :)

  13. Love your fabric choice. It's understated, pretty and cheerful. Nice work! The chair looks perfect with the new curtains as well.

  14. I've never been to PTree. I will have to check them out!

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