Fashionably Feathered

I had my eye on these two for quite some time.

Not only did I want to bring some "life" to my studio, they matched! LOL

Gracie is the yellow one.

Ruby is the blue one.

I was so excited to finally put my vintage bird cage to use.

I bought it a couple years back in Round Top Texas.

We found the cage first then happened upon this awesome stand just a few booths away.

Double score!

It still had the original sweet!

And just enough vintage rust ;)

The stand has a heavy base so no fear of Heidi knocking it over.

Not that she would.

She weighs only 3 lbs..ha!

Maddy took them out of their box and introduced them to their new place.

I have a fear of touching birds. Thank you Maddy!

For the longest they both just sat at the bottom. scared. to. death

It wasn't long after that Gracie started to explore.

Poor Ruby the bottom.

I think Gracie is going to be full of personality! LOL

She started performing showing off and we loved it!

With much coaxing, Gracie did it!

She convinced Ruby that all was well with their new place.

Although apprehensive a tad, Ruby gave in.

And it wasn't long before she was once again full of snuggles.

I think I'm really going to enjoy these two!

She is the winner of the bag giveaway.
please email me

xoxo Susie


  1. How cute are they! My dad had one just like Ruby. The bird learned several words and phrases. He had quite the personality. Enjoy them. They are lovely :)

  2. I love parakeets. Ruby is a male in case you didn't know that. All males have blue on their nose right above their beaks :)
    I can't tell if you have grit in the cage or not, but they need it to digest the seed. Sprinkle it on the bottom of the cage like you did with the seed and put the seed in a container (they eat quite a bit). You also might want to put sand paper perch covers on their perches to keep their nails short and a cuttle bone to keep their beaks short. Beaks will grow out just like their nails if they can't file them down.

  3. Sweet post-- amazing what joy other living things can bring. Gracie rocks!! :)

  4. How cute! I would love to have love birds :) I also saw beautiful doves at Petsmart recently.

  5. SO adorable Susie! Love all of the shots you got! We had 2 parakeets, one "flew the coop" over the summer when my son accidentally left the cage door open outside. Love your drapes too and the vintage cage! Enjoy ~ tweet...tweet....tweet....!

  6. this is too cute! and I too have a fear of touching birds! actually my biggest fear in them flying around the room- Im getting shivers just thinking about it right now!

  7. Too cute! Love the cage and stand too! So vintage!

  8. Searching through blogs following links, buttons and followers until I landed here! I have to stop anywhere there is a little lovely bird! You have two new feathered friends! I love the post, than bird acrobats and their vintage little new home. I am sure they will bring you lots of joy! I will try to follow you, but for some reason, and not able to follow. Computer glitch??

  9. Ahh, I adore that last picture. They're so sweet. As a kid, we had a parakeet named "Pellinore." (Named after King Pellinore in Camelot). Many years later I got a canary, which I named "Westley," after The Princess Bride. To this day, I miss that little prince. He sang beautifully and LOUDLY, but I did worry about him a lot. (Canaries can be more 'sensitive' than a lot of other birds. You can't use household cleaners anywhere near them, the sandpaper perches are bad for their feet, etc.) They require a little more special attention, but are so worth it. If I weren't such an overprotective Mommy, I'd get another one in a heart beat.


  10. Too cute for words! Love the cage and stand too..

  11. Fun, fun! I have two parakeets! A blue one and an albino one!

  12. Awwwwwww, they're so pretty, and cute and funny! I'm sure they WILL bring personality and life into the room!


  13. Both birds are look so fabulous in the cage.Colors are so different and beautiful look.

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  14. Ohhh, I love these guys - what a great color combo they are!

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