Decorating with white

Have you ever thought a stack of dishes could be so pretty?

My friend Heather Bullard has that special knack.

You know, the knack for turning ordinary into Extraordinary!

Country Living shares Heather's love for decorating with white along with 5 other bloggers.

I was so humbled to be one of them.

You can see my kitchen here.

Country Living overflows with awesome ideas for using white.

It's pretty powerful.

This foyer below...

Now that's what I'm talking about.

And just to show you my dream kitchen...

Ain't she a beauty?

I love how her rustic charm seeps through without feeling too barn a fied.

Country Living Magazine is one of my all time favorites.

Each and every month I receive a stack of free magazines.


I love coke.

Coke products reward people like you and I.

All you have to do is save the points.

I shared how easy it is here last year.

There are so many great ones to pick from.


xo Susie


  1. I started saving my coke rewards because of your last post! I now get Better Homes & Garden, Country Living, Martha Stewart Living & a magazine for the kids! Thanks!

  2. Congrads on being featured. Wow to be featured along with Heather, "What a real treat"

  3. congrats Susie, well deserved and well done! best wishes Colette ~ South Africa

  4. Hurray for you on your feature...I will look out for the issue!

    I just fell in love with that kitchen, too. It's perfect!


  5. Congratulations!
    Country Living has always been one of our favorite magazines. We used to save years worth of copies and just pour over them when we wanted ideas.
    I'm not a huge fan of all white - it's what a friend an interior decorator pretty much does exclusively but I like color.

  6. I think I should start saving my coke points...I drink a lot of coke. I love all of the decorating with white!

    Thanks for sharing

  7. O wow i had no idea about the coke rewards, and how sad is that because my dad works for coca cola. I'm gonna need to look into this. All this time i thought the only perk was free expired coke beverages.

    My sister and I go to the Country Living Fair held in Columbus Ohio every year. My goal is to one day be a vendor there... One day....One sweet day.


  8. Woo hoo, congrats! Loving the fresh whites -- so crisp and lovely. Thanks for stopping by Decor & More, Susie!
    xo Heidi

  9. I adore white, I love the freshness. Great magazine too. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. It's a wonderful read! Love that fabulous kitchen. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. Thanks for sharing,again! We are a combined household (Coke & DP). I love your fridge though!!! That was the first thing I noticed before the Hidden Valley (which we never go without) :)

  12. Love your blog and white dishes too! Look forward to reading more as I follow along for the ride!

  13. Congratulations on being featured at Country Living! I wish they would do a whole article about you. :) My subscription is about to end and because of you I'm not paying for my renewal! hee hee

  14. Congratulations! I absolutely love reward points, too! It's where I got my subscription, too!

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