Fashionably Feathered

I had my eye on these two for quite some time.

Not only did I want to bring some "life" to my studio, they matched! LOL

Gracie is the yellow one.

Ruby is the blue one.

I was so excited to finally put my vintage bird cage to use.

I bought it a couple years back in Round Top Texas.

We found the cage first then happened upon this awesome stand just a few booths away.

Double score!

It still had the original sweet!

And just enough vintage rust ;)

The stand has a heavy base so no fear of Heidi knocking it over.

Not that she would.

She weighs only 3 lbs..ha!

Maddy took them out of their box and introduced them to their new place.

I have a fear of touching birds. Thank you Maddy!

For the longest they both just sat at the bottom. scared. to. death

It wasn't long after that Gracie started to explore.

Poor Ruby the bottom.

I think Gracie is going to be full of personality! LOL

She started performing showing off and we loved it!

With much coaxing, Gracie did it!

She convinced Ruby that all was well with their new place.

Although apprehensive a tad, Ruby gave in.

And it wasn't long before she was once again full of snuggles.

I think I'm really going to enjoy these two!

She is the winner of the bag giveaway.
please email me

xoxo Susie

Fun Fabric


They. Are. Finished....well almost.

I found this awesome fabric at my favorite shop.

PTree Textiles in Baton Rouge.

It had just the right colors I was looking for.

I won't share a DIY because quite frankly, I can't sew a lick.

My sister was blessed with those talents.

You can find her shop here.

Oh, it's not too late to enter for her giveaway in post below.

Hurry though!

I bought about three yards and just cut it right down the center.

It's decorator fabric so it runs wider than your average fabric.

I then lined it with some 3.00 fabric from Wal Mart.

It really helps cut down the glare.

Now I just have to hem soon...not holding my breath. lol

I recieved many emails asking about my chair.

It belonged to my Maw Maw and was passed down to me.

I never thought I would be able to work that funky green into my decor. Ha!

And to believe I wanted to just give her away.

In fact, I did!

I gave her to my sister.

You think maybe she will forget?

Gosh I hope so!

She just fits now.

Funky green and all~

I have a few more touches to add to this room and then I'm moving on.

A new room awaits.

So much more to tell you.

xoxox Susie

Give away day!

What girl can resist a monogram?

I love em!

You can only imagine my excitement when my sister Missy made this for me.

It's a shoe tote.

I guess she got tired of watching me stuff all of my goodies in a plastic bag...ha!

She even made this zipper bag to match.

I'm feeling the love here.

Oh my word...her stuff is CUTE!

I'm not just saying this cause she's my sister and I love her to bits.


It's really cute!

She takes so much pride in her work and OH. THE. DETAILS!

Nothing would make my heart smile more than if you would visit her lil shop.

She is giving one of these sweet bags away to one of you!

Just leave a comment here than hurry over and tell her Hi!

Thank you and Good luck!

xoxox Susie

Hang in there!

You have no idea how much I love you!

Sweet child of mine.

I know being 11 is not easy.

Hang in there!

And when you're asking "Why they gotta be so mean"

Just remember...

skip ad please.

I love you, MOM

DIY with Martha Stewart & Home Depot

 Remember when I shared my closet office redo here?

I had the wall finished but needed a desk.

Of course I wanted to cut cost and shop the house.

And I knew just who to turn to.

Martha Stewart!

Home Depot and I have teamed up to do some projects using their

Now that I had the paint, I needed the desk.

One U.G.L.Y desk

I did a light sanding and used the Polished Silver.

Here she is after one coat.

The look I want for my office is a gumbo of styles.

A little vintage. A little cottage. A little modern.

I think the desk will take me there.

It has the look of stainless but not cold and untouchable...if that makes sence?

I added a little hardware using a polished nickel.


Martha and Home Depot helped me knock this project out of the park!

Now if only Martha could swing by and sew up my curtains...

That would be great! lol

xo Susie


This year I'm working on me.

I'm adjusting my attitude you could say. Well trying

Every morning brings a fresh new start!

Thank. You. Lord!

Today I Will...

that just sounds good.

Now this JOY...

It won't mean I'm always happy about everything.

What it does mean is that I will have JOY in my heart.

Joy is that sweet little HUGE gift the Lord gives us.

To me,
It's that sweet song that smells like a spring day when it's cold and rainy outside.

My JOY is the comfort in knowing that our Lord loves me!

And to think I thought I was adjusting me...ha!

What brings YOU joy?

I hope your heart is filled with it today and always.

(For more info on the sign you can visit my shop)

xo Susie


xo Susie


At the tender age of 3, we enrolled Madison in dance.

It was my idea.

What Mom can resist the thought of their little girl becoming a ballerina?

Dancing lasted about 4 years.

She then tried her hand at music theatre.

Gymnastics and cheer leading.

She is currently taking voice lessons and loves it....BUT

 when passion burns deep.. Yeah

Just look at that smile!

Her passion is English Riding.

No tu tu's. No stage.

Just her and a horse.

After my Daddy surprised her this summer with a private lesson.


So today she spent 9 hours on a horse. ouch.

She found her passion.

And made a few new friends along the way.

I'm new to English Riding, as is she, but you would never know it.

I guess when you find your place, it just fits.

Oh, I don't know how long this love affair will last...

I just know lessons are less expensive than a Thoroughbred.

And I know this little girl will sleep good

Have you found your passion?

This little guy is not one of mine..ha!

Although he is cute.

To be honest, I'm deathly afraid of horses.

Go figure?

xo susie