Special orders

I'm sure by the lack of DIY's around here, you know what I have been up to.

If you are not a 3lb dog that needs walking,

A kid needing feeding,

Clothes needing cleaning.

Or wood needing painting..you're outta luck!

I'm trying to stay on top of things but I think I'm losing ground.

Time is running out.

Christmas is a coming!

So I'm thinking positive and feeling blessed to have so many orders.

Yep...Looking up :)

It's our choice to "be happy"

I thought this special order sign was too cute.

Its new home will soon be in a Principal's office.


This one was interesting??

I love all of the neat stories behind each sign.

Thank you for sharing them with me.

I'm guessing orange is all the rage in signage.

The story behind this sign brought back my childhood bedtime.

This year has been such a blessing!

Thank you for allowing me to play a small role in it.

I'm still painting and praying the post office doesn't let us down.

"with fingers crossed"

As far as Wednesday goes....
I'm taking my girls to the movies.
I'm eating a large bag of popcorn
And maybe...a bag of candy :)

Hope you take some time out for fun too!

xoxox Susie


  1. I love them.
    I hope to work on my master bedroom in January and have a neat idea for a new sign. I can't wait to see what you think.

  2. You are truly talented and I had to laugh out loud at your sign.....perfect color and PERFECT for the principal's office! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I loved seeing the sign you made for my friend on your page today! I can't wait to order another! Merry Christmas! Cindy R.

  4. WoW are you done already???
    Gosh I miss my sista! Road trip???

  5. I love the signs! They are so cute!

  6. love your work...


  7. The Willybagadonuts us cracking me up because we call my youngest, Joeybagadonuts! How funny! You think your child's nickname is original, then you go on Susie Harris blog and see a version of it on a sign! Ha Ha, Merry Christmas!

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