Exposed & A Winner!

Do you blog and tell?

I didn't for the longest till I was found out.

Oh, my sister knew and a handful of others but that was it.

It just feels weird you know.

Having strangers know what you cooked for supper and your dog needing shots..

no biggie

But friends and family.....just weird.

Most locals don't have a clue that I paint something other than my walls.
(every other month lol)

Like what do you say when someone tells you they read your blog?

1). Thank you.

2).Please excuse my really.

3).My condolences.

4). Oh..that ole thing?

5). A blog is....

Once they find out the panic sets in!

Will they drop by and see unfinished signs in cobwebbed corners?

Will they notice that I have not dusted in a month?

Will they come expecting to see this?

Only to discover this!

That's why I don't blog and tell...ha!

Do you?

And the winner of the Kirkland's mirror is...

Yay Clydia

Email me please.

Thanks to all of you who joined in!

xoxox Susie


  1. We ALL are real . . .
    but put the "best blog appearance forward" . . .
    And then we get busted . . .
    Might as well just be REAL!

  2. So funny! My immediate family knows I blog but, I do not think they read it...and so it seems weird when someone else I KNOW actually says they read it, I almost get embarrassed!?

  3. TOO FUNNY!!! i have only let ONE person i know in real life read my blog. and even then i didn't want her to comment on it. lol it's very uncomfortable for me. but since i hardly ever blog big deal! :o)

  4. I'd rather strangers read what I have to say rather than my family! Besides they would just laugh at me or say "why do you spend so much time on the computer?!". I alternate between writing on it and breaking out in a cold sweat and contemplating deleting it all together.

  5. Congrats to Clydia.... I'm pea green with envy that she won.

    Blog and tell? Hey, why not? It's who I am so why be coy and not just show the plain old truth about myself. Some things of course are sacred and I won't blab them... but if the laundry is laying on the sofa then my readers can deal. They're strong women... LOL

  6. Most of my real life friends and all of my family know that I blog. It's not my conversation starter, though!

  7. Thanks Susie! I'm so excited to win! xoxo

  8. i certainly don't advertise it but if it's brought up i mention it. of course i don't blog like i did for many years. my blog now is more business related. is it weird, yes sometimes it seems weird when family comments on my posts. lol

  9. I tried to keep it private - why would I want people I know to know any more about me than they already do? no thanks! Plus - I am not a very good housekeeper - but I can certainly scoot junk over for a photo op!
    I also kept my art private for a long time.
    Cute post!

  10. I don't advertise I have a blog to friends either, but thought I was the only one. Glad to see there are others like me!

  11. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's the same way for all of us. We will take an amazing picture of one corner and have a disaster hidden in the next. We live in our homes and we need to just keep it real. It's not a magazine.

  12. So funny! Only a few friends and my immediate family in my house know that I blog.
    Oh, and I love your Christmassy living room. :)

  13. My guys and my siblings and their kids were the only ones that knew about my blog in the beginning. Then I told my 8 or so long long time co-workers/friends. Not too many others know, but I have a link to my page on Facebook so it is not like it is hidden. I am way too busy and occasionally lazy to keep my home spotless and everyone in real life knows that.

  14. How funny, I thought it was just me who didn't want to tell anyone I actually know that I started a blog! I only told my Mom, but she doesn't have a computer...I feel so self-conscious about it for some reason. But I have noticed one benefit is that I can post pictures of Christmas presents I'm making without worrying that any recipients will see them!

  15. I had to laugh when I read this because I sooooo relate. I work at a church and know so many people. I don't know that I want them to know everything. But then again... why not? What would I need to hide? That I am NORMAL? LOL!

    Thanks for posting!

    Tänia of
    Simply God's Girl

  16. so funny. a very good friend asked me about my blog and when i told her he name, she said THAT's YOU?! blew my mind. she had somehow found her way there through pintrest. i still think she's thinking of someone else...
    ps: i tried (successfully for 2 years) to keep my blog secret from my parents/sisters. my brother-in-law outed me. he saw on FB. :/

  17. Hey that "Brown" sign looks familiar. :-) LOVE IT!

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