Breaking News!!!

Y'all might remember the post where I shared about Maddy's Chandie...

And I surprised everyone when I told you it was made out of ???

Well.. I have another HUGE surprise.

It's on clearence at Home Depot for 29.00!!!

Our Home Depot had three left.

I guess I should have picked them up and

I paid 100.00 for ours..I know.

Good luck!

xoxox Susie


  1. If that was local to me that would be great. Ha!

  2. Heading to the website to see if they have any online! No home depot locally but that is a great fixture!!!

  3. Wow, that is a great deal. I have been shopping for a chandelier, like this, but no luck at my Home Depot. I ended up ordering a different one online. Well, actually my husband and daughter did :) They said is for Christmas, but when it gets here I can have it? I have a feeling it will not be as sparkly as this one :( I am sure I will(praying)love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my gosh, I wanted one of those when you posted it, but $100 isn't in the budget at the moment... now $30 I can totally do.
    Off to Home Depot I go!

  5. I want one so bad! I called 7 different Home Depots and none of them have it! BOO! =( You should go buy one for me and I'll paypal you plus shipping! =)

  6. I would pay you for shipping too !!!! You fancy Louisiana girls get all the good stuff! My home depot here in AZ knows nothing about it. :-(. I am 1000% serious. Your daughters gray room was our inspiration for us when we were planning our new home! We just moved in this Girls are getting "bedroom decor " for Christmas. Srsly... Message me. :-).

  7. Can you believe that ours does not carry it?! It's not online either. Wanna do some shopping for me Susie? I'd be happy to pay you!

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