Aka..crazy paint lady!

I'll claim it.

"The crazy paint lady"

Just two days ago my kitchen was not this pretty grey you see above.

My afters are starting to look like my befores before my afters...lol

Two days ago~

It was white with a blue ceiling.

Cons... Our white molding did not pop.

Pros...My painted signs did.

So I got Madison off to school and started with my blue ceiling first.

I went back with your basic ceiling white.

Then I noticed that it was too much white!

So I conquered the wall next...

Eleven straight hours of painting and two advils later..

My molding pops!

My plates shine..

My camera blurred..ha!

Am I happy?

Why yes ;)

I'm almost where I started off.
If you look at my befores and afters..
My befores are starting to look like my afters..


Crazy paint lady.

It's ok..

I claim it ;)

xoxox Susie~


  1. I thinks it looks fabulous!
    Your plates do pop.
    We are all crazy at least yours has a label! (Crazy Paint Lady).
    Well guess mine could be
    "Crazy OutLaw" (Lets see how many inlaws I can piss off) LOL
    Fa la la ~ No inlaw parties ~ let the happy holidays began!
    Wanta do lunch tomorrow?

  2. Haaaa! That's so funny... I love your after, after... the plates really do pop... it looks awesome... and believe me, i've been there!


  3. Your new "paint pop" did just that. It made a 'POP'!!! And your room looks fabulous!

  4. its official you are crazier then i am!!! looks really good.

  5. And I thought I was the crazy paint lady for painting and repainting and repainting my bedroom! But you win! It all looks fantastic, whatever colour it finally is!

  6. girl! I am right there with ya-on the crazy paint lady stuff! I've painted our 2-story living room twice (1st yellow-then gray)-on my own-standing on my 8 foot ladder with one of those extendable handled paint rollers-almost killed myself-but Im sooo glad I did it.
    Yours looks beautiful!!! Would you mind sharing what color of gray that is?

  7. This was very funny to see because I could have written the same post!! Although I have not actually repainted anything yet but if I go with the color that is pulling me, my afters will be like my before's too. Lol. Guess there is a reason certain colors draw us in ;)

    Would you share what color gray you used? Looks divine!

  8. Looks just wonderful! Susie, you are a painter extraordinare!!!

  9. Looks great and I, too, would like to know the color of grey. That is my next project--maybe tomorrow if I find out the color of grey. :)

  10. Is the gray color Mindful Gray or Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams?

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  13. That's so funny... I love your after, after... the plates really do pop... it looks awesome... and believe me, i've been there!

    king for everything

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  108. 10 Frozen Foods Highest "Sodium" (Fast Food)
    Easy Go Mackerel Paste with Chili Paste, 1,390 mg sodium content
    Easygo's Pad Thai with fresh shrimp, sodium content 1,360 mg.
    My Choice's Fresh Shrimp Pad Thai, sodium content 1,310 mg.
    Easy Go Pork Yakisoba, sodium content 1,290 mg.
    Easygo's Salted Fish Kale Fried Rice, sodium content 1,280 mg.
    Easy Go Chicken Basil Fried Rice, Sodium Content 1,200 mg



    Deli Thai Crab Fried Rice, sodium content 1,200 mg
    Deli Thai shrimp fried rice, sodium content 1,100 milligrams

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