The Two Minute Arrangement

Like many of us, time is our most precious gift.

I find myself repeating...

I will not stress..I will not stress...ha!

So if you are like me and need a fast arrangement.

Here you go!

One tall container.

A few talk silk flowers.

Live paperwhites are my fav but I just hate the smell..ick!

So I'm using silk tulips from Hobby Lobby.

Did you know Epsom salt makes the best snow?

Place your stems and add the epsom salt..

Added a few glass balls.


This can go straight thru  the winter :)

The "snow" was 2.99 from Kmart.
You can find it in the pharmacy.

On to the next craft...gotta go ;)

xoxox Susie


  1. Cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Simple and sweet ! I like it! I really need to get some epsom salts asap! So many bloggers are doing amazing things with them!

  3. Beautiful!! I forced narcissus one year...only ONE YEAR!!! Never again. Ugh! They smell so bad! your tulips looks beautiful! ;0)

  4. I love this! Thanks Susie! Definitely on my "to try" list for this season.

  5. Easy peasy and inexpensive! What's not to love about this! :-))

  6. It's gorgous, but I could put it together without even a trip for supplies. I love that kind of project! You may see a similar arrangement on my mantel in the near future!

  7. Great idea . . . I am off to find some "snow" to add to the small light grey pine cones I found a few weeks ago!

  8. Cute, simple and quick! Love it...


  9. I love the simplicity of this project! Beautiful!

  10. Great idea - thanks!
    I made mine the other day with a silk amaryllis and it looks great. BUT I got peppermint epsom salts and sometimes it's a little overpowering so I'm going to have to swap it out for plain!


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