This weekend...

I took a deep breath and started on Kay's room.

This was so biter sweet...

I dreamed of having my own room for painting but never thought of the cost.

Not the $$$ but the missing my girl home part.. you know.

But change is inevitable so we must move on.

Embrace those new seasons in  life.

After Maddy's last football game of the season, we painted.

In fact, I think she was in her groove...ha!

A little music...

A lot of laughs...

And a whole new look!

We decided to take the carpet out.

Cue the choir....I heard angels sing!

I scored this cabinet out of my Dad's garage.

Thank you Daddy!

It's made well...just worn.

Don't mind a bit ;)

Marc added wheels so I can roll it out when I'm ready to paint.

Adding the wheels made it the perfect height for me to paint on.

My back is going to love this!

It has a very heavy piece of granite on top.

Not sure if this will remain nor the color of the cabinet.

To tell the truth...

It's already sporting a new color ;)

Hope to share more on that soon!

I'm not really sure what direction I'm going with this room.

I ordered new flooring and that should take about two weeks to arrive.

Till then...

I'm dreaming up ideas ;)

xoxox Susie

oxox susie


  1. It's lookin good.
    Maddy looks like she is having a good~ole time.

  2. I'm sure your gonna love your new painting room. Can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

  3. Looking good...want to see more!

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