Things to remember...

What a fun sign to paint!

It's not often I can paint so freely and fun!

I was asked to paint this for a classroom.

Love it!

I think we could all learn a thing or two here.

Protect little things...gets me every time.

I hope the little eyes that see this everyday will know...

They are loved like crazy.

It was fun to Explore new paths and have fun!

xoxox Susie


  1. What a beautifully worded sign. I hope it makes a lasting impression on its intended viewers; it has on me;)

  2. Wow! That is gorgeous! What beautiful words. I have to "pin" it so I can come back. :)

  3. Beautiful words . . .
    And . . .
    to be asked to paint them
    for little ones
    who will see the words
    hopefully ponder
    embrace them in their life
    makes it even more
    BEAUTIFUL . . .

  4. Beautiful Words. Love your work :D x

  5. I love this sign! It makes me smile... it's perfect :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. I bought those words on a subway-style board(which I love), but your version is so much prettier! I just love your style!!! Cindy R.

  7. Wow! You are amazing. This is way better than I envisioned. I cannot wait to hang it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. susie ~~ a-dore this sign! have you seen it, subway style, for sale anywhere? (a smaller version.
    your size is PERFECT for a classroom)... etsy, perhaps?
    LOVE your work! you could def.
    put this one in your store!
    love your work; love you!


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