Sweet child of mine.

There's no preparing for this day.

You've known all of her 19 years it was coming.

Why didn't you breathe more of those moments in?

Why didn't you snuggle longer when she drifted off to sleep?

You raised her to be confident to take on this world yet find shelter in His love.

He trusted you with her care.

It's your turn.


She is ready!

Her first day of college should have been your wake up call.

It's time.

You must let go.

Marc (step dad)  Kaylee  Stacey (her dad)

I know!!

I know!!

Today as I sat on her bed and watched her pack...

my heart sank.

I never thought it would hurt this bad.

Although her plate is full with school and a part time job...

she doesn't stop there.

She decided to move in and take care of her Daddy after his stroke.

This sweet child of mine.

I'm so proud of her!

It's only a few miles down the street.

I'll be OK.

I'm finding myself loving the food more where she works ;)

It's never tasted better.

And those few moments she can spare, I'm breathing them in...deep.

xoxox Kay's Mom


  1. Oh, Susie. This made me cry....My girls are 8 and 4 and I don't even want to imagine.{{hugs}}

  2. Oh my dear that IS hard! We just sent our 19 yr old girl off to college for her second year and it's painful! It gets easier with time but you miss them so when they're gone. The house just doesn't feel like home with their absence. Funny how we have to finally let go and it hurts sooo bad! But I can see you've given her some beautiful wings and she will soar.

  3. I'm right here with you darlin. My little Emma started college in September. Thankfully, she's taking her first year at home, but come next year she'll be leaving us for a university four hours from home...I already miss her and she hasn't left yet.

  4. Oh, Susie! What a precious girl you have raised! I am crying because of her servant heart and for your pain. I know you'll still be close but I also know it's not the same. Praying the Lord brings you to my mind often!

  5. Sounds like you have done a great job as her mother. How amazing of her to move in & care for her dad. She definitely has her head on her shoulders. Trust that God will take care of her. This is a new stage in your lives & it will be perfectly okay.

  6. You are so blessed to have Kayle, You made me cry while reading your blogs I donno what to say, being a parents we should do our part to guide. Kayle is so sweet she take god care of her dad. Be proud of her

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  7. Bless you, Susie, for raising this beautiful girl with the huge heart! God will comfort you as he did me two months ago when my own girl left for college 2 hours away. Take heart. :)

  8. What a blessing she is going to be to her dad! You raised her right, Susie! :)

  9. you have a amazing girl not many 19 yr olds add tending a sick person to a already full plate i admire this she def has a plate full but sounds so mature she will go far in this world...btw she is beautiful

  10. Susie,
    You have done your job well. It helps in letting go when you know they are well-grounded young people and truly Kaylee is!! What a blessing to her Dad and how unselfless is she! She will learn many life lessons during this period that will carry her throughout her lifetime. She must be a very caring, loving girl and you have a right to be proud! God is good!

  11. It does sound you've done a great job and that she has a huge caring heart. Doesn't make it easier...but it does help knowing she will be ok.


  12. great thank you for totally making me sob all over my computer keyboard this morning! What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. My daughter will be 9 on Saturday and I taking into heart your words about snuggleing longer and breathing in more of those moments! Thank you for this!

  13. Aww, sweet Susie, what a poignant post. You will be fine, cause every little thing's gonna be alright, you know?! xoxo

  14. I got all teary eyed reading this and my little girl is only 3!! What a great picture of her and her dads - love that. And Lauren LOVED looking at Kaylee in her beautiful dress. I kept trying to read and she wanted me to scroll back up to see Barbie!! :)

  15. Such beautiful words-such a beautiful daughter. It makes your heart swell when our children make such wonderful decisions. Cindy R.

  16. :( My daughter is not even a year old and this has me in tears thinking of when she'll leave me.. What a beautiful and sweet girl you have! You should be one proud mama- it's very clear that you have done a wonderful job raising her.

  17. Always look forward to your updates... this one really caught my breath. Thinking of you and your family as you move through these changes. Wishing Kay's dad the best in his recovery.

  18. OK you brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing girl you have raised. You should feel nothing less than proud. Congrats at the amazing job you have done.

  19. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, wow!! Your post is so sweet--I am sure she will miss you so much too--what a great relationship you two must share! I hope for a relationship like that :)

  20. You should be so incredibly proud (and I can tell you are!!!) Prayers for her this morning!

  21. My eyes are filled with tears as I write this. What a beautiful girl you have raised. Good job!

  22. Oh, my, this is so sweet. I am so sorry for your sweet girl moving but so proud of you raising a girl who would be willing to do this. So sweet. :)

  23. What a sweet post! I know how you feel! I promise it gets better! I'm still grieving a bit that my daughter has got married & moved on...but every day it's better.

  24. I do not know how I missed this, I have been reading your blog forever! It was one of the first I started reading. Anyway, I am so, sorry to read about the stroke. But I can tell by reading your blog that you raised a wonderful, and loveing daughter not to mention that you have FAITH! And God know that is the most important thing in the world. Keep praying as you have all of these months and so will we all out here in blog land! I am sure that the silver lining is that your 19 year old is a mature and unselfish yourng lady. That is a RARE find today, most especially a teenager.

    Praying for you and your family.


  25. Very sweet! Keep trusting HIM. Thanks for being so open and sharing with us!

  26. What a testament to you!!! congratulations are in order a bit, be proud Momma.

  27. My niece just moved to a different state and I'm sure my sister felt the same way. I have twin girls they are only three and I am already feeling it..love all those comments like I wish I would have held her a little longer while she sleeps...It made me realize take those moments that are given to you by the horns now...cuz later you will wish for them back!

  28. Oh by the way she's gorgeous! Love that black dress amazing! She looks very happy. Great that she is not that far away from you.

  29. My daughter will be two on Monday and this post had me in tears. I keep telling her to just slow down for mommy. You've raised a great daughter. Congratulations. :)

    ps. there will definitely be extra cuddles tonight.

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