Peace on Earth

Peace... It's not just for Christmas.

I painted this sign as a reminder.

For myself.

Last Friday I allowed someone to steal my joy.

She said very hurtful things about me and my family.

It just plain hurt.

Where I went wrong was allowing it to dwell in me.

I wanted to be angry. MAD.

I wanted to hold on to the I'm right you're wrong.

To be honest ...I did hang on to it for a day or two.

Not good.

Right or wrong...

It's never good to muddle in it.

I needed Peace.


 I let it begin with me.

It didn't make the problem nor the hurt go away...

It just allowed me to let go.

Let God deal with it For me.

So I guess you can say I have started decorating for Christmas!

But this one will stay with me year round.

Peace. Love. Joy.

My wish for you...Everyday!

xoxox Susie


  1. Susie if you ever sell the Peace on earth sign just like that one i'm buyin' :).

  2. Girl, if you need one just email me.. I would be happy to paint one for you. I think we all need a reminder from time to time :)

  3. I hate that part of us that dwells on hurtful things. Men never seem to do it-why do we? I do know, that when I can finally let something 'go', I feel so much better. Sorry that someone made you upset-I come here daily for I so enjoy your posts and creativity! Keep up your good work. Cindy

  4. So Sorry Susie!! I have been there and it does hurt but you are adopting a great attitude and time does help.
    Have a blessed day and know that I for one think you are wonderful!!

  5. Sorry for your hurt but love you have let God take care of it for you. I have had terrible hurts come from other people who I thought were someone different then they really were. Had to give it to God and trust Him with it. And He has made all the difference!

    Love your sign. Love you!

  6. I'm sorry that someone said such hurtful things to you. You are doing the right thing by letting God handle it. He always does a better job with these things anyway :) Peace, sister!

  7. Your words are a good reminder for all of us.We are so lucky to be able to lay these things at the feet of our heavenly Father and know we don't need to shoulder the pain or the hurt. Hugs to you.

  8. Sometimes it takes a beautiful thought or a moment to remind ourselves to step away from those that hurt.

    I'm glad you were able to do that.


  9. Oh, sugar, I am so sorry. But so proud for you to let it go. I know the feeling and have, in the past, enjoyed hanging on to it and hating the person, all that. Then I realized I was the only one hurting. So, I learned to quickly and honestly forgive the person/deed, and go on with my happy self. Sometimes I have to repeat! Forgive again before I completely let it go. But, that's okay. And, I am happier. Forgiving is for you! The reasons why they did it isn't important..that's for them, forgiving them and being happy is for you! are brave to share this..blessings for you! beverlee

  10. Susie,
    I've been there this week, too, except in my case it wasn't hurtful words, it was bold, brazen rude actions that took advantage of my peaceful non-confrontational nature. It was a challenge, just to see how I would handle it. I felt the anger, then dealt with it in a peaceful yet direct manner. People cannot take advantage of us without our permission. Peace and blessings to you and your family!

  11. I hear you...this has been a difficult yr. When someone hurts my children, (all adults) that's the worst. And this is serious...marriage-ending kind of serious. God bless you for reminding me that peace, through Christ, is the way.

  12. Beautiful post. I can't bear thinking someone said hurtful things to or about you. Such a beautiful sprirt you have and it is lived out in the creativity with words we enjoy through your blog. The words speak your truth . . . and we feel PEACE being in your blogging presence.

  13. I recently experienced the same kind of thing. I had to come to the same conclusion. Thank you for this post. The sign is SO lovely!

  14. I hate it that someone said something hurtful to you. I love your new sign. I have my new Christmas quilt that I made on my sofa, along with a new Santa pillow that I bought and one that I made. I'll also be putting our tree up this weekend!

  15. Looks like you found the reason for the season...Jesus can handle it so you don't have to. Just remember that you do not have to defend the truth. It will reveal itself. Dianntha

  16. Thank you for the gentle reminder. I'm sad to say I usually let it simmer a while...bah. Your sign is beautiful, and will be a great way to remember.

    I do enjoy reading your blog and love to see what you create. You are inspiring to me!


  17. I enjoy your blog so much...I'm inspired, one way or another (crafty or personally, every time I come on here. Thank you...Cecilie

  18. Oh Friend my heart hurts for you. I am proud of you for moving on and leting God fight your battle. I have thought long and hard about our emails last week and I know I am blessed by God to do life with you even if it is hundreds of miles away, ha.

    Cha Cha

  19. One of the reasons I come and peek at your blog is your beautiful and sunny attitude about life so I was sorry to hear that someone had hurt you! Keep your chin up! I'm not a very religious person but I do believe in karma and the person who hurt you will, in time, have something happen that will make them realize they were in the wrong! Cherish yourself!

  20. I love your sign, and the little birdie simply stole my heart :)
    Hugs :)

  21. Shame on that person!
    But congrats to you! I need some of that peace in my life, I dwell too much on the things I cannot change but want so badly to. I need to learn a little of your strenght and move on. Thanks, especially today!

  22. Dear Susie
    When I read this,I felt that the Lord wanted you to write this for me!!!
    Hurtful things were said to me by a co-worker.
    I also had to give it to the Lord. So He is helping me bear it.
    Even though healing takes time I know the Lord is with me!
    Would you mind if I shared this blog post at work?
    Thank you for being a blessing to me today!

  23. just stumbled on your blog - love it and lover your banner!

  24. Atta Girl!
    Take the HIGH road!
    High 5 to you!!!!!

  25. Going to Broadmore this year? Im looking forward to it next weekend! Cant believe it is November again so soon.

  26. What a great post! It was just inspiring, not preachy, just inspiring to read. I do agree and I am sorry you had to get hurt.

  27. Sorry someone hurt you...I like how you handled it. Good attitude.

    Take care


  28. i'm sorry susie, but you did the right thing, just let it go. people can be so mean. hope you had a nice weekend. xo susan

  29. What a lovely saying and such a nice reminder. Thanks Susie!

  30. What a pretty sign,, and definitely one to keep up all year. I love it. So sorry someone was so hurtful to you but im glad that you were able to let go of it. I have a hard time with that,, I tend to hangon to alot of "garbage" that I shouldnt.
    Have a good week!


  31. What a great reminder. You took something that was hurtful and wrong and turned it into something good and shared it with so many. So encouraging...have a beautiful week!


  32. It is so difficult when someone really hurts us and our families. It is not in our strength but in His that we can forgive and have peace in our hearts.

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