Painted plates

I have been crushing over these perfect blue plates like forever!

I found some at TJMaxx.

Why oh why didn't I pick them up?

I guess I was on a no buy strike..ha!

Awww poops!

Now I can't find them.

If you should run across some, would you let me know?


Till then....
 I found these at the GW that match my set.

So I painted them!

I also gave them a good glossy spray.

We won't be able to eat on them but that's ok.

It's for looks anyway :)

I hope to add the blue plates into my Christmas tablescape.

Did I just say Christmas?

I did. I did!

Who am I kidding...

I adore the holidays!

And speaking of adore, I love my friends here!

Thank you for entering my giveaway!

The winner is Linda @ Costal Charm!


xoxox susie~


  1. Good for you, just painted the heck out of them!
    I've seen those plates at my TJ Maxx too, i'll keep an eye out for you! I bought a couple myself...


  2. Such a cute idea. I've been thinking about painting some chargers for Thanksgiving. This color is so pretty!

  3. Pretty color..
    Christmas..can't wait!

  4. As always, the plates look wonderful! Just like everything else you "re-do!" Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I never thought of painting plates, don't know why because I paint everything else! LOL!

    Love the blue ones too.


  6. Congratulations to Linda! And no wonder you are admiring those plates, a perfect shade.

  7. I have seen them at the TJ Maxx in Rogers, AR. I have a couple of oval plates in that same design and color from this store.

  8. I love your painted plates!! Isn't GW fabulous? I found a set of 6 Williams Sonoma Brasserie bowls that match my mom's dishes for $3. They were $18 each on Such a bargain! I hope you find the blue plates that you are looking for. :)

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