New Floors

I guess it's beginning to be a tradition around here.

It ain't Christmas till I remodel a room during the holiday rush.

A normal person would wait but who's normal in this

This is going to be my work room/office.

I will be painting in here so I didn't want to spend a lot in flooring.

Something easy to install and easy to clean.


You can find Allure at Home Depot.

I LOVE this flooring.

So easy to install and it really looks great!

This is not a sponsored post, although I wish it were ;)

So Allure...if you are reading this, I love you!

I would welcome your products in my home any day...hint hint..ha ha~

This picture may seem like I'm taking it easy ...

I was just taking a short break... ;)

We hope to finish it after church so I can get back to painting.

Not to mention I need to start decorating for Christmas.


Dec. 5~9

Looks like this girl better get busy!

xoxo Susie~


  1. Gotta love a fresh new floor. Love your sock monkey slippers too.

  2. Looks so great. Can't wait to see the complete room.

  3. SUSIE! You've heard that rule...never do big projects right before Christmas! Big smile...but yes there are some of us who can't resist painting or remodeling during the roughest stressful months of the year! Big smile.
    Can't wait to see your new floor!

  4. I tend to do the same thing with starting new projects and also major cleaning before decorating, knowing how messy the decorating can be!

  5. I love the Allure floors! Our Home Depot just came out with the Allure Ultra, and it is awesome! Thick like a wood floor, but 100% vinyl. Genius!!

    Your floors look great, can't wait to see a finished photo!


  6. first off. i love your slippers :)
    allure flooring is great. my husband and i put it in our basement. water resistant, easy to put down and looks great.

  7. i've been wondering about those floors! i think i've talked my husband into it... off to home depot we go! (because we are insane and start projects before holidays too...for some reason) cute slippers. :o)

  8. Beautiful! Look at that shine!! I love those slippers, too!


  9. Oh it looks lovely Susie!!
    It sounds like us..hubby is going to be sanding down our living room floor next weekend and re-doing our bathroom.
    Sheesh....even with Christmas right around the corner!!

    Deborah xo

  10. Wow, those floors look awesome! I'm so glad you wrote about them, because i have carpet that will need to go soon and can't afford hardwoods...


  11. Girl, you are quite brave. I can't imagine trying to redo a room during this busy season. Maybe I'm just a tad bit lazy! Those floors look GREAT. I'll be buying some new flooring soon for a bathroom we are going to put in. I'll definitely have to check that out. Can't wait to see the Christmas decor & the finished room.

  12. yay! they look awesome! what a great Christmas present to your house!!

  13. Looks awesome, we plan to use Allure as well in our new house!!

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