Hi there!

First of all...

Thank you.

Thank you for all of the sweet and incouraging comments for my daughter and I.

Change is always rough but we will be fine ;)

On to fun stuff!

Thought you might enjoy a sign I just finished.

Boy I wish I was her nextdoor neighbor!

I can just smell those sweet dinners cookin' :)

And this scripture...

For those of you trying to find your way.

Maybe in blogland, a new job or just plain everyday life!

So many times I find myself rushing and dreaming of the day I will get there.

When in fact, I'm already here.

Here in this very place God wants me to be.

Take rest in that my sweet friend.

Enjoy your place.

xoxox susie


  1. Beautiful signs!
    I was offline the other day and missed the post about your daughter. What a good mom you are and what a gorgeous sweet daughter you have. Your post made me want to cry because it makes me think of the day my boys will leave me. :(

  2. Thank you. I needed that reminder today :)

  3. Hi Susie! I found your blog (somehow!) and I just love your style. I think we are kindred spirits! I will difinitely add you to my favorites!!! Hugs, Jo Carol at Bunnytrails

  4. Love the sign! That is one of my favorite scriptures too - I've been reading it a lot lately.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. I really must not stay away from your blog for so long because I come here and your words always inspire me and help me get clarity! Thanks, more than you will ever know!

  6. Love the scripture and the sign. I just love every single thing you do!

  7. Hi! It´s my first time in your blog and I´m really amazed: What amazing place and this words...OMG!!! I love it. Thank you for all.❤℠
    (I´m very sorry if I write wrong words or sentences...I'm still learning English and well, it's a little hard and I know there are tools for this but I´m very sure I'll get it...Any way, sorry for boring you).

  8. Wow, thank you for such words of encouragement. I really needed that - so many deadlines and commitments this week - just need be to happy with my place today.

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