Daddy's girl

Maddy is no doubt a girlie girl and loves to shop.


She's a Daddy's girl too ;)

Growing up in the South, girls learn to be well rounded.

It's a right of passage I guess you could say~

Learning to shoot a gun is serious stuff down here ;)

His proud moment!

She's got a pretty good aim too ;)

Seems like just yesterday I was walking through these same woods with my Daddy.

So that's what we do with our old pumpkins down here.

What do y'all do with yours?

xoxox Susie~


  1. I love it! We're too populated around here for shotguns, but our pumpkins have been known to become BB gun target practice. ;-)

  2. Memories....thanks! beverlee

  3. sounds about right to me!!!! Noah and I did the same thing with our pumpkins

  4. Love it! Every girl should know how to shoot! The look on her sweet face is priceless pointing at her accuracy!

  5. This post just made me smile!

  6. Just great! She will be thrilled someday to have those photos with her daddy,and shooting. I grew up at the gun club, and those were some great times with my dad.

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