The Two Minute Arrangement

Like many of us, time is our most precious gift.

I find myself repeating...

I will not stress..I will not stress...ha!

So if you are like me and need a fast arrangement.

Here you go!

One tall container.

A few talk silk flowers.

Live paperwhites are my fav but I just hate the smell..ick!

So I'm using silk tulips from Hobby Lobby.

Did you know Epsom salt makes the best snow?

Place your stems and add the epsom salt..

Added a few glass balls.


This can go straight thru  the winter :)

The "snow" was 2.99 from Kmart.
You can find it in the pharmacy.

On to the next craft...gotta go ;)

xoxox Susie

New Floors

I guess it's beginning to be a tradition around here.

It ain't Christmas till I remodel a room during the holiday rush.

A normal person would wait but who's normal in this

This is going to be my work room/office.

I will be painting in here so I didn't want to spend a lot in flooring.

Something easy to install and easy to clean.


You can find Allure at Home Depot.

I LOVE this flooring.

So easy to install and it really looks great!

This is not a sponsored post, although I wish it were ;)

So Allure...if you are reading this, I love you!

I would welcome your products in my home any day...hint hint..ha ha~

This picture may seem like I'm taking it easy ...

I was just taking a short break... ;)

We hope to finish it after church so I can get back to painting.

Not to mention I need to start decorating for Christmas.


Dec. 5~9

Looks like this girl better get busy!

xoxo Susie~


The last 5 days I have been away visiting my Mom in Arkansas.


At first I thought I would go crazy but then it allowed me to relax

and be Thankful.

Enjoying time on the road with family...thankful.

Enjoying long chats with just my Mom....thankful.

Being able to tour her neat town...thankful.

Escaping my busy life and having fun...thankful.

Knowing I'm not traveling back on a boat...thankful. lol

Although we rode home in this nasty weather, we made it home...thankful.

I love visiting family but it's so hard saying goodbye.

I miss my Mom already. I love you MOM~

I'm also thankful for YOU, my friends that meet me here.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
xoxox Susie


Changing things up.

This was our family room last year.

I really loved it!

My wrapping was just ok..

This year I want to really take it up a notch.

So I have a few ideas here..

Thought you may enjoy,

Oh how I love these rosettes!
Blogs.babble has a great DIY.
You can find my flower DIY here.


Love the candy

So simply sweet!


A little pom pom lovin' here.

And that simple sprig of boxwood...perfect!

How about filling your packages with candy?


Thank you Country Living for this idea.

More fabric roses from pretty petals

Style me pretty does just that!

Now that I have all of these great ideas, shopping is next.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

This weekend will be filled with family,travel and plenty of food I'm sure.

Hope you have a great one too!

xoxox Susie~

DIY Christmas Wreath

This has got to be the easiest wreath ever!

Here is a list of supplies you may find helpful

(Depending on what style, you can keep this wreath under 20.00) Yes indeed!!!

One grapevine wreath.

One Wooden letter (Hobby Lobby)

Shatter proof balls

Fun ribbon and net!

Craft paint

Picks (Hobby Lobby)

I started off by painting my letter.

Adding polka dots!

Love this!

And tiny ones...

I used a pencil eraser.

I then started adding my Christmas balls..


With the net I did the same thing...

Making a bow...easy.

After I tied my bow tight I then cut the loops.

To make this!

After my letter dried I drilled a few tiny holes to attach it to my wreath.

I tied it on with fishing string ;)

For the ribbon, I just tied them on.

Adding the picks filled in the empty spots and made it super cute!

Fun thing about this wreath...there is no wrong way :)

Just fun!

xoxox Susie

Daddy's girl

Maddy is no doubt a girlie girl and loves to shop.


She's a Daddy's girl too ;)

Growing up in the South, girls learn to be well rounded.

It's a right of passage I guess you could say~

Learning to shoot a gun is serious stuff down here ;)

His proud moment!

She's got a pretty good aim too ;)

Seems like just yesterday I was walking through these same woods with my Daddy.

So that's what we do with our old pumpkins down here.

What do y'all do with yours?

xoxox Susie~