Speaking of love~


This gorgeous bedroom belongs to my friend Sara.

Although we have yet to "meet" she has changed my world.

I have a new love for grey all because of her.

She can make that color pop like no ones business.

When she asked if I would paint a sign for her...

humbled excitement rushed over me!

In LOVE with this room I am!

That headboard alone....adore~ 

If you have yet to meet Sara

I will give you a sneak peek into her Master bath...

I know!!!

You will love her too ;)

xoxo Susie~


  1. Her house is my ultimate dream house. What they accomplished there is just amazing! Love looking through her blog for inspiration!

  2. thank you my dear for the sweet compliments. those signs are truly special to us. thank you! your work is amazing!

  3. Holy Moly, what a luscious bed, and that bathroom! oh my goodness...
    did you paint the sign over the bed? It looks amazing! WOW!


  4. Woohooo Suzie! I'll have to dust off my blog and take pictures of the signs when I get them up! I've been a very bad blogger lately. Should start my new year's resolution early this year.

  5. *gasp* WOW!! no words.....

  6. I came across this blog when they were building (I remember the boys' bunk beds) and didn't bookmark the blog and never came across it again. I can't wait to go through it and look at that gorgeous house. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Simply Beautiful!
    Your signs look fabulous above her bed.

  8. My goodness that's one stunning BED!!!


  9. WOW! I love every element in this bedroom and bath. Can't wait to look at the blog.

  10. Simply Beautiful! Love looking through her blog for inspiration!

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  11. Thanks for sharing this beautiful family and their home, love the bunk beds!

    Your sign is LOVE.

    Happy day . . .

  12. This room is dreamy. What a spectacular master bath. So gorgeous.


  13. I am dreaming of this sign. Do you still make this? LOVE the sign & the room design!!

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