A makeover story

Well folks...

Here you have it!

One bedroom makeover x'4

Maybe 5?

I think I have lost count....ha.

It's a bed with a million possibilities :)

The last makeover was the painted look below.

You may remember the videos?

Yep...cut those post right off!

My DIY on "the building of a headboard" can be found here

I am so happy with our new look.

I think this may be "the one"  ;)

I used all of my original bedding minus the yellow pillow.

I'm thinking of adding a few more pillows using more drop cloths. We'll see.

I'm sure some of you were wondering about the post.

I capped them off using a fence topper from Lowes.

It fit perfect!

Now it gives the bed a more finished look.

I think if you had never seen the before...

you would never believe it once was a 4 poster!

In true Susie fashion...

I had to put a little art on top :)

I just love this quote.

I plan on adding this sign to my shop.

If you are interested, email me please.

Will I ever use nail heads again?

Ummmm.. doubt it.

It was hard!
very. hard.

Trying to hammer a small nail in a staright line ...tough!

But  Oh. So. Worth it!

(Walls and bed are painted "cobblestone" by Martha Stewart)
Im linking up with these great gals! Wish me luck!

xoxox Susie~


  1. I love it! It looks so elegant and worth all of the hard work :)

  2. What a fun project and I will really treasure those chain saw memories and 80's flashback music moments. (hysterical laughing). I think it turned out just lovely dear Susie, and the black pillow really tops it off!
    Looking forward to tomorrows Road Trip,

  3. The new look is great! Love the gray!

  4. It's great and I love the sign.

  5. I'm always changing things around, too!! I love this look...the headboard looks awesome! And I LOVE the sign!


  6. The headboard looks fabulous and don't you just love it when a plan comes together? How awesome is it that those fence post caps fit? Love the finished look.
    You never disappoint with your signs. This one looks right at home over the headboard.

  7. Everything looks gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous! You're crazier than I am, I have got to show my husband your blog and say "see, it'll be great honey, just trust me!"

    Love it!!

  9. I love that. That was the verse we had at our wedding. Might have to make something similar.

  10. Oh, wow, I love it!! When I redo my master I want that sign. It's going to be a little while but I so love that one. It's perfect.

  11. VERY pretty. love the headboard. i've been eyeballing those myself for quite some time! you did a fantastic job!!

  12. Love the sign!! Would be interested in knowing the dimensions & price!!!

  13. It looks great! Especially the new headboard. And the sign above your bed is perfect! Nice work.

  14. It looks gorgeous. I have been wanting to make one of these for some time now.


  15. Your headboard, and footboard detail, looks fabulous. Great job!

  16. It all looks amazing! Will you make me one??? I love it and the wall color too!

  17. Well, you did it and it looks FABULOUS!!! You are so brave! Love the caps on the footboard! Nice!

  18. It's absolutely beautiful!!!! Love the bed! Love the pillows! Love the colors! I'm going to need that sign, too!

  19. Girl....I can not believe you nailed in those nailheads...THAT is a whole bunch of work :) It looks smashing though....

  20. Looks Faboosh! as far as the nail heads go you can buy them in strips that dont have nails in the back but every 4 or 5 it has a space to actually nail one in, it is much faster and easier to get a straight line ....=)

  21. loveLOVElove the sign! and, you are BRAVE to chop those posts off!! love the new bed, though.. and admire your talent!

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