It's in the air

Fall is coming and I could not be happier!

So I headed to Lowes and

I found these huge pumpkins for 2.98.


I normally kill mums after just a week....

but I'm trying..

again. Ha!

I always try and find something fun and fall'ish for containers.

This old icecream bucket ....perfect!

Any tips on this cabbage type plant would be welcomed here ;)

Just waiting on a cool front now...ha!

Thanks for all of the tips on my last post.

Ya'll are so awesome.

I thought I would share one with you too.

Mary's candles!

You can find them at Wal Mart and they are wonderful!

They burn for hours upon hours and one candle can fill your home.

My fav at the moment is the Cream Brulee.

It smells like candy corn :)

Mary's candles are made right here in Louisiana.

Do you have a favorite fall candle?



  1. What a fun shopping trip for those plants and pumpkins!
    Too funny that my post today is on Fall too! I am making mine smell Fallish with pumpkin,and pecans.LOL
    Love your pictures...

  2. Susie, your entry looks great! So warm and welcoming!! I gave up on mums several years ago! It was just too warm to keep up with them. I like the crotons though! I can bring them in before the first frost and put them back out in the spring. They pack a punch of fall color!!

  3. Beautiful entry. I like food smelling candles (mostly) and when Fall comes around I love anything pumpkin, spice or apple.

  4. I love your pictures !

    marylin From FRANCE

  5. So beautiful! I'm currently burning a candle called Farmers Market! It smells so delicious! I also love the mulled cider candles from walmart. They smell simply delicious!

  6. So beautiful! I'm currently burning a candle called Farmers Market! It smells so delicious! I also love the mulled cider candles from walmart. They smell simply delicious!

  7. Your entry is beautiful! 2.98 for big ol pumpkins? I need to head on over to Lowes! I've got a yankee burning I forget what scent but its pumpkin something.

  8. I am in deep love with your double front doors! Such a beautiful and welcoming entry!

  9. gorgeous fall entry susie! my fave fall candle is the hazelnut scent from swan creek :)

  10. Love your front entry and where you found all of our fall treasures. Who says you have to spend a fortune to look like you have. Sea Witch

  11. Pumkin Spice candles from Target are my favorites for the fall. They are called Home Scents. (not the Yankee Candle) Great smell and not expensive. LOVE

  12. Hi Susie,
    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please see my blog for details. Thanks!

  13. I too LOVE your double door entry! I believe the cabbage-y plant is Kale, or at least that is how they market it up here!

  14. Love all your fall inspiration and I must get one of those candles!

  15. I love all the flowers and of course pumpkins make the perfect fall touch! It all makes a home look so inviting!

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