Headboard Envy

Never before in my life would I have dreamed...

about headboards.


Oh but look at those sleek curves and that nail head trim!

The two beds above are from Crate and Barrel

It's the Colette to the tune of 1799.00 for the queen.

Photo below is The Sutton from Williams-Sonoma.

A sweet song of 1150.00 for the queen.

Here she is all dressed up.

I'm thinking I love the Colette the best but who am I fooling...ha!

Here is a little more envy going on..

The small foot benches...oh my~

Yes please!!

Who can I thank for this new headboard obsession?

Miss Sara!

She sent this photo over to show me the signs she asked me to paint.


All I  could focus on was that Gorgeous headboard!

Here is my bed below.

It once was a dark cherry rice bed.

Anyone have a chainsaw?

My husband only wishes I was kidding ;)

xoxox Susie~


  1. I like that you painted your bed! I have cherry, too, and my husband would freak out at the thought of painting it!!

    I love all these pretty headboards, especially the one from Crate And Barrel. I would have to win the lottery first!


  2. Oh...I'm with you. All the DIY'ers out there who have made headboards that look as loverly. My big dilemma is I can't pick just one!

  3. I too have a rice bed. I went to a high end home tour. At that tour one of the owners had the same bed, but, had made a padded, quilted cover for the headboard. It tied at the bottom. It looked really sharp. Might want to try that. Good luck.

  4. Ha! You're funny.... I'm lusting the upholstered headboards too. I have a dark wood bed, and have been giving it the evil eye... thinking about painting it. Yours looks great. And that room with your canvases above the bed, is amazing!


  5. oh wow! yes those are some sexy beds! Love the tufted one as well.

  6. I love your bed!!! But if you really like the tufted covered look, could you possibly pull the finial from the middle and then wrap the entire piece across, between the two posts in foam and batten and then cover with fabric. Just a thought! :) Might be a happy medium between you and your husband, and you might just start a new trend! LOL!

  7. PS...I have all the confidence, that if you set your mind to a fabulous headboard, it will be so! You always have great ideas and execution! :)

  8. I am reading your posts backwards today. I saw todays post first and now i read this one....I see what you are up to now.
    I gotta say I can't blame ya. I have been admiring those beautiful linen nailhead trimmed headboards for a while now too. Kate from censational girl has a great tutorial on her blog. check it out.

  9. I had that same dark cherry rice bed! I wanted to paint it white but then I realized it wasn't just the color that was wrong, I didn't want the posts either. I sold it on Craigslist and have yet to find just the right headboard.Maybe I should have just taken a chainsaw to mine too.

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