The French Mix

Just glancing at their sign,

I knew we would be good friends.

The French Mix is one of those shops where you feel at home.

Their me!

One day...many years away, I hope to shop for my Grand kids here ;)

That desk below....I need it!

Frames and

Then you cross over to the home section. Bliss

In the picture below, how many things could you pick?

So how BIG is your truck?

The one thing that hurt my heart to leave behind...

That horse!

I didn't even look at the price but now I'm wishing I would have.

I just may call :)

You know....just in case one of you need to know.

I'm nice like that... haha.

They have a face book page too!


  1. oh wow! I want to jump into the screen and go shopping there. And yes that horse needed to go home with you!! Hes a beauty! Tell Santa!

  2. Oh my I love this shop and the horse!! I love the furniture too. They have awesome taste! Wish I lived closer so I could spend some money there. LOL!!!

  3. Not sure I would need a truck...but most certainly need to fold down the back seats to get all the stuff that caught my eye to fit. Beautiful day of shopping and browsing - wonderful stuff.

  4. The French Mix is my absolute favorite store in Covington...well, Home and Garden is pretty awesome, too! Have you been? It's fab!

    p.s. loving seeing you and Missy work on the headboard! Sooo funny!


  5. So lovely to see your town through someone else's eyes! I love living here.

  6. Oh wow! :) I happened on your blog from the Holiday Home Tour. Well, because I like French, and I like Mixes, I clicked the link and wow!!! I was magically transported to one of my most favorite shops on Lee Lane. What a surpise! A genuine treat, considering I live in Charlotte, NC now, and only go home once a year. Thanks. :) What a terrifically unexpected treat at my most homesick time of the year.

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