Blog friends & charming towns

Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting a blog friend.

Her name is Penny and she is an awesome photographer!

We met online when she won a set of these signs I had painted.

My sister and I met Penny at Coffee Rani's and boy was it good!

It's nestled in the sweetest town called Covington.

The moss lined streets are full of fabulous little shops.

If you ever travel down south...Covington is a must see!

This was one of my favorites shops along the path.

Welcome Home. Cute name ;)

All of the shops welcome you with cute door fronts like these.

Love it!

Check out the cute painted floor on this porch!

This was a home smack dab in the middle of the shops. lucky girl :)

At the end of the street you came to this.

I wanted to get a closer look at the home but didn't want to be too nosey...haha.

My favorite shop takes up a post of it's own.

It's that charming.

Stay tuned ;)

xoxox Susie~


  1. This make me smile really big! :) I had so much fun with you and Missy. Hope we can do it again one day!!

  2. How great to meet a blogger friend and shop all in the same day! The shops look charming, I'm looking forward to hearing about your fav!

  3. I adore Covington. There's also a really adorable tea house in the shopping district...although I can't remember the name of it.

  4. I've never been to Covington, but now I think I should go. Since we live in SW LA, 1-10 usually calls us west (Houston) instead of east.

  5. Between your sister's posts on NO and now this one on Covington, I have to convince my husband we need to head to LA here very, very soon. It just looks like the most relaxing place on earth!!!

  6. What is it about small quaint shops like this that all we women love? I heart them to the moon and back and wish we had a shopping area like this in my town.

  7. Shopping is so much more fun when the storefronts are so stinkin' cute! Thanks for showing us a bit of Covington. Never been, but it's on my radar if I ever make it down there :)

  8. I want to travel to LA so bad! Covington is now on my list too! Can't wait to see more pics! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Oh I wish I had known you were coming...I live in Mandeville, I would have met you for lunch! I love all those cute shops on Lee Lane...come back during the Christmas holidays, the shops are beautiful!

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  11. What a fun morning. It was super fun to meet up with Penny and her beautiful children.
    Looking forward to another little road trip on Thur.
    Love ya,

  12. Beautiful tour. I visited Covington often when I lived in Louisiana-it is a beautiful place.

  13. Oh...this looks like such fun! I love meeting other bloggers. The shops looks awesome, can't wait to see more!


  14. How fun- that little town looks kinda quaint, love it!

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