Myrtles Plantation

The drop death truth about the Myrtles Plantation...

It's not scary at all :)

In fact it's quite beautiful.

And thank goodness cause this girl don't do scary...ha!

I guess you could call the trees spooky but I have the same trees in my backyard.

I happen to love their eerie beauty.

My sister Missy and nephew Blaise and I decided to take the tour.

After about 80 kiddo's finished up with their fieldtrip..ha!

I figured if a 3rd grader could do it so could I. ;)

How could you find scary with this iron work...

and that beautiful Blue!  really

I wish I could have found out the paint color before we left.

Yes's that pretty!

The grounds were draped in moss covered oaks.

Here is that pretty blue again.


Inside we toured the first floor only.

The spooky mirror they claim.

I saw nothing and that was just fine with me :)

Check out that blue ceiling!

Here is Missy and Blaise after the tour.

Still a smilin' ;)

After our tour of the not so haunted house,
we stopped at the best lil cafe' ever!

Fried alligator ..YUM!

And what spooky road trip would be complete without a stop in the cemetary...?

I saw the beauty in this place too. Weird I know but I love history.

My sister has a video and some awesome pictures from our tour.

The giveaway is still open so it's not too late to enter...

If you dare....hehe

xoxox susie

Giveaway Time!

Hi y'all!

If you are visiting from Rhoda's blog....Welcome!

So nice to meet you.

You are just in time for my Fall Giveaway!

So what's up for grabs?

My new "Every little thing" sign!

If you are following and leave a comment you're in!

That's it ;)

Happy fall Y'all!

xoxo Susie

A makeover story

Well folks...

Here you have it!

One bedroom makeover x'4

Maybe 5?

I think I have lost count....ha.

It's a bed with a million possibilities :)

The last makeover was the painted look below.

You may remember the videos?

Yep...cut those post right off!

My DIY on "the building of a headboard" can be found here

I am so happy with our new look.

I think this may be "the one"  ;)

I used all of my original bedding minus the yellow pillow.

I'm thinking of adding a few more pillows using more drop cloths. We'll see.

I'm sure some of you were wondering about the post.

I capped them off using a fence topper from Lowes.

It fit perfect!

Now it gives the bed a more finished look.

I think if you had never seen the before...

you would never believe it once was a 4 poster!

In true Susie fashion...

I had to put a little art on top :)

I just love this quote.

I plan on adding this sign to my shop.

If you are interested, email me please.

Will I ever use nail heads again?

Ummmm.. doubt it.

It was hard!
very. hard.

Trying to hammer a small nail in a staright line ...tough!

But  Oh. So. Worth it!

(Walls and bed are painted "cobblestone" by Martha Stewart)
Im linking up with these great gals! Wish me luck!

xoxox Susie~

Madison's Room

Welcome to Maddy's room.

This may be the only chance you get to see it this clean...ha!

Let's start with her bed shall we...

It's another DIY here.

It was so worth it just for the added storage!

Her wall color is Cobblestone by Martha Stewart.

To see a before...and another here

Awww the chandie!

This was Maddy's only request :)

Take a closer look...

Would you believe it's acrylic!

We found it here.

Another DIY memo board here.

Her DIY curtains can be found here.

Oh so easy DIY pillows!

This is her sweet reminder from me....

I can't believe she is growing up so fast!

Last weekend her school had a fall formal. I know.

She went with a group of her little friends "girls"  ;)

I think it's all about the dress and hair...ha!

But most days.... she is still our baby~

xoxox Susie~

Our Family Room

Our Family Room is pretty much the center of our home.

It's where we kick our shoes off and drop our book bags.

So it needs to fit "us" comfortably.

I think the wall color on this wall has outlasted all others. Haha

It's Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams.

It's a great color that goes well with everything.

I'm sure you may have noticed the painted ceiling again ;)

This time I used Rainwashed.

It's another by Sherwin Williams and goes perfect with the Khaki.

The drapes are drop cloths bought at Home Depot.

And do you see that glare coming into the window?


That's why we have to have a fan in here.

It's from Lowe's ;)

Not bad for a ceiling fan....I guess :)

The Trumeau or fancy mirror like I call it was another DIY.

It's eaiser than it looks really.

You can visit here to read more.

Here is mantle on an average day.

One of the most asked questions is about my boxwood wreath.

I found it in my favorite shop located in Baton Rouge.

The Royal Standard.

They no longer sell them there but I keep asking ;)

And just because I'm getting excited about the upcoming holidays...

Here is our Christmas look.

Are y'all starting to get those Christmas fuzzy feelings?

I am!

I'm in no rush by all means but I do love the holidays!

xoxox Susie~