The simple life.

I know you have heard it time and time again.


Can simple be enough?


In fact, it can save your sanity.

Simple is my go to guy when I'm too busy.

He's my friend when I curse clutter.
(Not that I curse or anything. Ok. Maybe on the inside. Sometimes.)

So glad I'm reading Grace for the good girl.

Oh yeah...
No time to buy new decorations, he's got your back.

He's nice like that. Simple.

Yeah, we're pal's.

Want to join us?

I'll make room ;)

xoxox Susie~


  1. Oh you silly girl...
    I know you DO NOT curse!!!
    (Not even in your head)
    Simple is my friend right now too! Mr. Clutter is either being boxed up as we speak (type) or getting thrown out the door!
    Feel free to ride over and help me and say goodbye to Mr.Clutter,seems as thought he had moved in and I knew he was here but did not want to admit it.

  2. I'm getting new counter tops and it is an unbelievable job clearing off the ones I have. I'm surprised I even have room to work on them when I cook. Things would be so simple if I didn't have all this clutter...


  3. Simple is my dreamy knight in shining armor - I'm just waiting for him to come sweep me away (remember the old Calgon commercials "take me away from all this", lol). I'm working on making a path so he can rescue me ... took a truck and trailer load of stuff away over the weekend, only couple more loads like that to go, haha.


  4. Susie, can you send him my way?? I don't think we've been introduced!

  5. I've downloaded it to my kindle but have read it yet. I need to get busy simplifying and reading. I used a wreath of your for inspiration:
    I hope you don't mind.

  6. This is a great post Susie! A great reminder too!

  7. I want that book so bad! Hoping I can get it before Relevant to have Emily sign it! If you want me to, send me your copy and I'll see if she'll sign it! :)


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