Practice what you paint.

My family is starting to wonder ...

They don't hear much from me these days.

I'm here!


Yes, that is white paint on my floor.
I spilled a gallon on the floor the other day.

I'm working on getting it up along with the dirt and grime. One day~

So why do I still tell people that I don't work and I'm justa stay at home Mom?

I have no idea.

Do you do that too?

I've been blessed to stay so busy but it comes at a price.

My house is messy and we eat a lot of fast food.

I had to laugh at this sign I painted the other day.

I almost wanted to keep it...ha!

But all in all I love when my life gets crazy.

I love when I can create and share my passion.

I love my weekends being full of watching this girl cheer.

And for my Mom...

Here's another of your sweet girl.

And when I start to get overwhelmed by it all...

I just look down at what I'm painting,


and sing

Don't worry about a thing...
every little thing is gonna be alright~

xoxox Susie~


  1. They are beautiful and so is your precious girl. The house will still be there so don't worry about it. Life's too short. Have a great week.

  2. I'm an at-home mom, too. My house is in a constant state of, "lived-in fabulous." Translation: never clean and definitely lived-in.

    Your daughter is adorable.

  3. i hate to be a bearer of bad news BUT it doesn't get any better when the chicks have flown the coop and you are sitting in a "Dirty, cluttered" empty nest!! I swear I don't know how we dirty up so much laundry and where does all this paper come from?? Stacks of mail overwhelm me sometimes!!

    But you still have a darling girl to enjoy at home....forget the CLEAN and enjoy her! She is a doll!

    BTW, your signs are so cute!

  4. i love the yellow sign! I want one!!

  5. Are the yellow signs for sale? Or are they already spoken for?

  6. Are the every little thing signs for sale? I need one :)

  7. I absolutely LOVE the "Every little thing" sign you painted! Do you sell them?

  8. Just got my sign (and your handwritten note - so warm and lovely of you) in the mail today.
    Thank You,


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