Picture Perfect!

I always love when friends open their homes to give us a sneak peek inside.

This beautiful home belongs to one of my sweet clients.

I had the joy of painting a piece for her nursery.

It's the ABC above the crib!

It's kinda like seeing it again for the very first time.

(Please excuse the fuzzies on a few pieces in the room.
They reveal the name and gender and we would'nt want to spoil the surprise just yet)  ;)

I fell in love with this room....deeply.

I found myself trying to crane my neck around the doors for a better peek.

You too?

The molding and transoms and floors oh my!

The rug. The lamps...sigh~

So. I did what any nosey blogger would do.

I asked. She sweetly agreed. I smiled!

Then I started racing around my own home like a crazed woman...

Oh how can I turn my home into this?!

yeah. right. darn.

Want to see more of this beautiful home?

I knew you would :)

Gosh...I want to play house in there!

It's so funny how this wooden sign made it's home there.

Nestled right in all comfy and stylish' like.

Now I know what ya'll are thinking..

Does she have a BLOG?

sorry to say no :(


She did offer to give us a little home tour.

And maybe if we show her enough bloggy love and support, we can change her mind.
(fingers crossed)

to be cont.   ;)

xoxox Susie~


  1. Those floors would be enough for me to come back! Beautiful room! (and beautiful sign, too, Susie!) : )

  2. LOVE this nursery/guest room! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Just gorgeous!

  3. Susie, what a sweet room! So serene and peaceful. And your artwork is a great accent to the room! Very pretty!

  4. Oh my, such a pretty room. Great bones, but the blue and white is so perfect! I would love to see more of their home!

  5. Looking forward to it. Such a sweet room. I love the floors and the bed.


  6. Wow!! Gorgeous room! Can just imagine the rest of the house is lovely too!


  7. Ok..I am in love with that baby room, can't wait to see more.

  8. Really, really sweet room!
    I can't wait to see more and the new baby too.

  9. Love that room! It is gorgeous! And I love that it is not overdone in "baby", and the reason why is cuz baby can take up the whole home. So I don't think the nursery has to be so saturated. Ya know! It is beautiful!

  10. What a great room! LOVE the floors!! Your sign is perfect in there. :)

  11. Oh yes please please show us more , its so lovely.

  12. Wow! The architectural details are amazing!! I love the transom windows. I'm glad she agreed to a little tour. Hope she'll let us see more soon :)

  13. Awesome job on the sign! It fits so well in there.. LOVE how the room all blends together, space for baby and space for the big bed, too. And, it still looks well put together.

  14. HI.. I stumbled onto your blog today from Kelly's Korner and I see that you are also from LA!! Yay! It will be exciting to follow a local blogger. Can't wait!!!

  15. Oh! I had a picture of this room up on my facebook page and someone linked me here... LOVE! I actually made all of the prints for her gallery wall :) Your blog is amazing too, you have a new follower!

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