On with the tour!

As promised from this post....

I am honored to guide you through one of the most beautiful homes I've seen!

I will try not to ramble on too much and just let this beauty speak for itself.

Look very close...

on the table...

Are those pumpkins not to die for?!

If I could jump in right here please...
Are you loving her pops of color?

Yeah, me too!

I love how she placed her desk behind the sofa.

Oh sooo classy and sleek.

I think I would never leave that desk!

Computer, TV ahead and those windows surrounding the room....heaven I tell ya!

Adorably sweet!

If I were to leave that desk....

You could always find me here below.

I'm such a lover of reading nooks!


Can we have a moment of silence please?

Lets recap here.

If you could not find me at her desk or reading nook...

You could just hang the phone up. Call me quits. I'm unable to be reached.


This is where I would be!

Oh sweet Bertha of Baths!

This baby takes the cake and eats it too!!!!

Her basement, as she calls it...

has more style, class, and beauty than I can take in.

Gone are the days of musty dark basements with spiders and boxes.

This home is my little/big girl dream house!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Please join me in thanking our sweet friend for allowing us a peek inside.

I'm hoping the next photos she shares will be of that precious new baby.

Thanks friend!

xoxox Susie


  1. Please tell her a HUGE thank you for sharing, and to you for posting it! I LOVE LOVE this house...its perfection. The moldings are gorgeous, the white furniture with the dark floors is just my taste. This is what my house wants to be when it grows up!

  2. ohhh emmm geee! WOW those hardwoods alone make me giddy!! What a beautiful place!

  3. WOW!!! That is the most gorgeous house I've ever seen. Tell her thanks for sharing -- it's beautiful!


  4. Beautiful...love the butler's pantry

  5. Susie's friend... thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us! Love the beautiful dark floors, the incredible trim work and your fabulous decor. My only question is... where the heck is all your junk?? Please tell me you have a couple of closets somewhere overflowing with clutter :)

  6. Beautiful, well kept home.. Adore it! Now, on to the next tour, the outside ;)

  7. A HUGE thank you to your friend for opening up her home and indulging all us blogging ladies. What a beautiful house. I love how it's sophisticated, but casual at the same time. Each room has very clean lines and while it's functional it's beautiful to look at too. Are those dupioni silk drapes in the bedroom??? Somebody pinch me.
    Simply lovely.

  8. Gorgeous in every way! I love it - so classic and timeless.

  9. Love it, classic, timeless, and love the pops of color and the beautiful floors.

  10. Susie, your sign looks completely at home in that nursery. . . and the rest of the house is really, truly beautiful! My word--what an amazing place! Wow. Just wow.

    I just got my copy of the 2011 Christmas Ideas magazine today. I think it's wonderful that your sign is pictured so prominently. You really do beautiful work. And the idea of your being a barnacle had me laughing out loud. :)

  11. Thanks to your friend for the tour of her beautiful home. I love the artwork and wondered if they were her photos? Such amazing views as well. It is just about perfect and makes me want to clean house!

  12. I'm swooning. Especially over the living room, the child's room, the bathroom, and the basement. Oh geez, really, what's left? I'm swooning over the whole darn thing! Thank you to you both for sharing!

  13. I'm with Carolyn - the house is to die for but where are all their things? Maybe it's just that I have thingitis and too much of it!?

  14. Please tell her Thank You for letting us
    take a peek into her home. So sweet of her
    since she does not even blog.
    Such a lovely home, I would just live in the
    bathroom...heck the shower is the size of my
    whole bath. Thanks for sharing,

  15. Really beautiful home. So much to like. The mirrrors on the fireplace mantle placed to the left, candlesticks on the right is very nice. I really like the black, steel grey blue with white. Oh darn . . . I could live here easily!

  16. Simply died and got to house heaven........how beautiful. I love all the non-color. The little minute perks are gorgeous.
    Thanks to your friend for sharing.

  17. Susie,

    WOW!! Is this house here in town?? It is gorgeous!!! My husband and I build and sell and are getting ready to put our house on the market to build our 5th (yikes) and I would LOVE to seriously copy some of this beauty!!!!

  18. This house is so so beautiful but the thought of children living in this house gives my little OCD heart anxiety. HOW DOES SHE keep the White clean????? Gorgeous!!

  19. I think it's lovely, truly I do - but where is the "somebody actually lives here" feeling to it? Where is the warmth? Feels cold and sterile to me just a bit...

  20. Beautiful! I'm soooo curious about what the outside looks like?!?!

  21. I think I just found my dream home!!!! That utility room looks huge. I so want one, like now!!!

  22. Oh WOW! Oh WOW!! What a dreamy space!!! I could eat your house for dinner!! lol!! So gonna pin these photos! Nice to meet you TOO!! xoxo Destiny

  23. to susie's friend: 'your house is amazing! i would really love to know where the huge mirror from the basement is from? thank you for the tour!'

    to susie: 'again, your work is the perfect compliment to the nursery. great job my dear!'

  24. My jaw is on the floor. Absolutely Stunning. Glad to see my animal print set framed too!

  25. Oh how did you not keep your mouth from falling open in awe!? The floors are gorgeous and all the mouldings are so thick and rich and oh my... stunning. I pinterested this post a ton! Thanks for the tour and tell your gracious client thank you also!

  26. What a beautiful home, do you think she'd know if I moved in to the basement? Now I want to throw all my stuff away and start over. Thanks for the eye candy!

  27. Gorgeous! While the walls appear to be the same white as the trim, are they really or is it a slightly different tone? Any chance she would share the paint colors?

  28. dear susie fans....
    thanks so much for all the compliments on our home! my cup runneth over.

    i have been living in a new baby fog for the past 10 days but thought i should pop in here today to answer some of your questions.

    carolyn@sweetchaos....my junk? hahahahahaha. i'm a ferocious editor. i don't have much junk to speak of....but my long suffering DH has a junk cupboard that i stay away from. :)

    carolyn...the photos are mostly not my own. we tend to bring things home from vacation with us! the 3 large pieces in the family room were taken by our wedding photographer at the gorgeous location of our ceremony.

    sara@augustfields...the mirror in the basement is from RH

    jennasue...we LOVE your prints! your address key is on the living room mantle.

    vickyv...paint colours...for the most part, the walls are BM seapearl (oc-19) and the trim is cloud white (oc-130). the exception would be the master bath. the walls in there are also cloud white.

    again, thanks so much for the feedback. glad you enjoyed the tour!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Absolutely stunning home! Would you be willing to share your sources for the sofas in both rooms? Thanks for the tour.....favorite home!

  31. I would LOVE to know what color paint you used on the bed and dresser in the child's bedroom. I am starting to think of how to decorate my son's big boy room and I love that color! It appears to be a bluish grey color on the computer. Gorgeous!

  32. JenV...

    The sofas in the first photos (in the family room) are drexel heritage. The style is le dolce.

    The sofa in the living room is by silva. The style is called shari.

    The sofas in the basement are by Lee.


    The bed in my son's room is from Wesley Allen. The finish is called pewter.

    The dresser is painted BM 2124-20, trout gray.

    Hope that helps.

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