My playground of paint!

I must admit I have a very colorful job.

In fact...I feel a bit guilty calling it a job.

Passion to paint is more like it.

This passion to paint has perks as well.

I get to try out colors everyday in my own home.

Although this does tend to be dangerous at times...ha!

This sign above started out this color.

Because so many of you love colors like I do,

I get the chance to jazz things up.

This blue is by far my favorite!

This is what hangs in my kitchen. love~

It just know.

And then there is the BOLD. FUN. GREEN.

I would love to see the room where this one lives now.

Betcha it's a fun room.

Yet another green.

This one a bit subdued in it's cool celery color.

And I'm kinda diggin' this chocolate brown and blue.

Oh the fun!

Oh the colors!

Speaking of colors.... I did.   ;)

It's passion but my husband seems to laugh and call it a sickness.


What would our world be without color?

With me worries

every little thing is gonna be alright~

What's your favorite color?

xoxox Susie~


  1. I LOVE the green one! Heck I love'em all...
    Did you repaint those bar stools? LOL
    Just gotta love ya ... paint and all!

  2. Did you paint those chairs again?! My mom paints walls in her house on a monthly basis. My brother told her they'd never fall down because they're held up by so much paint!

    Love the signs, btw!

  3. Beautiful!!! I LOVE the chocolate brown one! and of course the blue!

  4. Oh good!! I wasn't feeling the yellow but I felt kinda bad about leaving my comment that day. MUCH better now!! LOVE the signs!

  5. They all look great, but for me it is blue all the way.

  6. yay!!! I just got that issue last night -i didnt know that was your sign. How exciting for you!!

  7. I was just singing that song! Love it. I featured your yellow chairs on my blog. But it appears they are yellow no longer. Looking good.

  8. I was lookin for a red one. Surely you painted a red one????

  9. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    Love these. How do I purchase one?

  10. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    Does anyone know where I can order this? Of so please email me at Very interested! Thanks!!! Love them!

  11. How much do the signs cost?

  12. Omg please please please I need the yellow one for my bathroom how much? How can I go about owning this

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