In between seasons.

Every year I beat the clock on seasonal decorating.

I have my pumpkins and mums placed just so before September gets a chance to settle in.

I have Christmas carols ringing the day after trick or treat.

I'm like that. rush rush rush...

This year I feel a calmness about me.

I'm embracing each season with a grateful heart.

Enjoying what each has to offer.

So what do you do when it's that in between season?


It's fall like.

It's harvest..

It's my in between...

(pears and flowers came from Wal Mart)

Now next week...

You just may find my table full of pumpkins....ha!

I did buy my first bag of candy corn for the season....I did!

I like pumpkin candy corn too.

Not too crazy about the candy corn with the little chocolate tip.

Just something bout that chocolate that throws off the confectional balance.

Sunday we celebrate Kaylee's birthday after church.

Sunday we eat cake!

Monday mornings breakfast ;)

xoxox Susie~ 


  1. I love it. Simply beautiful and a great idea to slow down. I agree with you on the chocolate candy corns;) Happy Birthday to Kaylee and enjoy the cake...twice!

  2. Hi Susie! Oh, your table looks gorgeous and I hate to tell you this - I'm already decorating for fall! :) I couldn't wait. But what is wrong, the Hobby Lobby I shop at has Christmas out! That's just wrong! :)
    Hope you're doing well, sweetie pie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Beautiful! I am in no rush either. I love this in between time. Seems like a much slower pace this weekend, and I am enjoying it.

  4. Your table looks so beautiful with the pears and the hydrangeas... i love pears, i love the way they look, and i love to eat them.
    I'm usually caught off guard by the seasons, because they come upon me so quickly... right when i think of getting the pumpkins, it seems as if it's halloween already and time for something else...


  5. So simple and pretty! I love seeing pears and I love eating them! Hope your weekend is swell. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. Oh I just jump right in to the next those pears!!!


  7. I feel just like you do this year! Not ready to get a jump on pumpkins and such yet. Reminds me of lyrics from a singer that I love, Jack Johnson..."slow down everyone, we're moving too fast."

  8. With triple digit temps on their way back in the next few days, which will make this a record-breaking summer, I absolutely positively can't drag a pumpkin out. Usually I'm with you - decorating and rushing the season -especially fall, which is my favorite. Not this year!

  9. The pears look perfect for this "in between" stage. I'm looking forward to your Fall decor though, I'm in need of some inspiration ;) Also agreed about the chocolate tip candy's like Folks! Don't ruin an already great thing, ha!!

  10. I love candy corn mixed with peanuts! Very addicting!

  11. Elegant simplicity. Sea witch

  12. Your table looks so nice! Those plates are so pretty (especially with the green of the pears)where did you find them? I'm trying to not rush into the next season. It's hard when you see all the Fall decor in stores. I think I'll use your idea and decorate with fruit. I just got some beautiful apples from a friend. Thanks

  13. I bought my first bag of candy corn yesterday! LOL! Kiddo spotted it in Walgreens and said, "Hey look! Candy Corn!" I don't think I've moved that fast in a long, long time. :D

    And you're right about the chocolate. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. : )

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