Enough time....

While painting this sign for a client last night....late..

I had to laugh at myself.

I think if I stay up late and catch up ...I will.

For the record I don't. I won't.

I'm a Mom!

(sign for sale here)

Some nights it would be so nice to close shop at 6.

I would read that good book I just bought (more on that).

I might even paint my nails something other that stain....ha!

One thing for certain I would do... comment more.

I miss commenting and really stress about it.

Do you?

Please forgive me if you feel unheard. I hear you and adore you.

I'm so blessed that you use your precious time for me. Humbled.

Thank you~

Oh...I love my life and the people in  it!

I gab about changing things but I wouldn't.

I couldn't. I shouldn't.

It's wonderful...most of the time ;)

And just in case you were wondering..

They are still here!

Our life group came over the other night and said..

"they are not as bright"!

I know.

They look like flashing neon chairs but in real life...

happy yellow~

Hope you have a happy yellow kinda weekend.

We will!

Kaylee turned 19 today!!!

Birthday party to follow~

xoxox Susie~


  1. I love your kitchen! The sign is great even if it isn't true...

  2. nice post!I hope you have some time to see my last post.kisses Maria Sole

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  3. I have been feeling neglected. LOL, LOL! Love your chairs and need some yellow in my home STAT.

  4. Happy Birthday to Kaylee...19 is a great age to be. I'd do over that year in a heartbeat!

  5. I am with you on the commenting part. i wish i took more time to comment on all the blogs that i read daily like my morning paper, and i laugh and smile and cry while reading. I wish i took more time to let them know it!! i am in love with the sign beside your cupboard!

  6. I close at 8:00!! If everything isn't cleaned up, too bad, I need my reading time!! I do love the sign!

    Happy Birthday to Kaylee. What a great age!!


  7. bright, cheery and awesome kitchen:)

  8. so really open 24/7 huh??? ENJOY each minute!

  9. I spy yellow and it's it my very favorite color of the moment. Can't get enough of it.

  10. I love visiting your blog and reading about your work and all your great ideas. Someday I hope to be able to have some thriving work at home like you.

    Happy birthday to your daughter. Enjoy!


  11. I enjoy your blog. Blessed by your talent.The love for your family shines through in every post. Keep up the good work Susie!

  12. can you tell me about the fabric on your windows--love it and would be perfect in my gray dining room!!

  13. Wonderful..............Neon signs..Please keep those Yellow Stop signs!! They are so awesome!
    P.S. Happy B-day to the 19 yr old!

  14. Those texture is perfect as well as I noticed that there are no any single mistakes you done. The texture of "Daily" is attractive.

  15. I would love to know also, where you got your fabric :)


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