Easy as ABC?

I want to share more than just a sign with you today.

Although the color and trim alone would give me plenty to gab about...Ha!


Not today.

Today's lesson is brought to you by the letter "M".

For Mistakes. We all make them.

I made a KING Daddy one a few days ago.

Many of you caught it before I did....thank you.

Unfortunately, it was a wee bit too late and they were on their way.

(Haze from marsh fires in NOLA) cough cough~

I panicked and contacted the sweet family that placed the order.

They are being shipped back as we speak ..wheww~

But something bothered me.

In that tizzy of embarassment, I deleted that post.

Who wants to be known as the painter who renamed San FranOisco....ha!

We all know that my grammar and spelling does not bring all the girls to the blog...ha!

I'm giving myself a break here.

For once.

I'm learning it's ok to be human. Make mistakes.

Sometimes the lesson is in the learning...  

ps... You caught that Sliver Springs too?

So much for having a husband with a Masters check your work...ha!

I love ya'll to bits and just wanted to thank you for reading my

chicken scratch...

xoxox Susie~


  1. Whoever says they've never made a mistake - well, they are just lying! You can use all of us readers as your proof readers anytime! :)

  2. Oh, Susie, I am cracking up!!!
    Love this post!!

  3. Hey, this family must live close to me, here on the East Side of Milwaukee (Whitefish Bay is just 10 minutes from me)! I recognize all of these places! And my best buds live in Louisiana - so I feel such a connection!

  4. :) I love the mistakes ! It makes them that much better, and you know it was made by hand !! I would gladly take them off your hands for you. haha.

  5. Susie, you are great and your little mistakes are nothing. It's no big deal!!! :) Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey listen, I make mistakes here in Mayrland all the time, we all do because spellng tricks us sometimes!

    Laugh it off and mov on!


    I hope you notived all of mistkakes! Lol! Seriously,
    You create such amazing pieces and your blog is so lovely which is why I keep coming back to it! It's nice to know you're human too!

  7. Well...I have to have that ABC sign. Maybe if I tell ya enough you will make me one!
    Now we know that you really hand paint each and everyone!
    I know what happened, was it a day you did not have your Sonic?

  8. Refreshing to admit mistakes
    it brings us to REAL
    and being
    is what it all about . . .

    I love the ABC sign too . . .

  9. haha..I saw those errors in that post but thought they were the real names of businesses or something. and Sliver is a word! lol... You are so cute. :)

  10. You're right, everyone makes mistakes! But, your work is so good, people won't mind :)

  11. I have just awarded YOU the Versatile Blogger Award!! :) I really love your blog and thought everyone should know it! :)

  12. pshaw... that's nothing... I once spelled Texas "taxes"... um DUH! I've also spelled angels angles. apparently spelling is not my strong suit! :) Love the look darlin'. You're as wonderful as ever! ps. You've inspired me to do an abc's sign... I promise not to totally rip off yours :)

  13. ahhh susie you're the best, no matter how you spell it.

    can't wait to get my hands on that abc sign.....woot woot. baby e is gonna love it!!!

  14. thanks for the reminder that it's ok to make mistakes.

  15. Miss Susie - that is not a King Daddy MISTAKE - it is merely an error! Thankfully, errors can be corrected, and mistakes can be forgiven - it's the hurtful words we say to ourselves when our humanness evidences itself that causes real damage 'I'm stupid, unworthy, incapable ...' Why do we women expect perfection? Striving for excellence in all we do is admirable but not as praiseworthy as striving to be the godly women God has called us to be! Transforming daily into the likeness of Christ - leaves plenty of room for both mistakes and forgiveness!

  16. Lighten up,this will make for a good laugh. Your work is wonderful that ought to count for something. Tough business when your client expect perfect spelling. Enjoyed your post. Drop by for a visit. Kathy

  17. LOL! you are too funny! and I LOVE the ABC one!!

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