DIY Door Header Makeover!

I am in love~

With my door headers that is ;)

Missy shared her DIY and it was then that I was hooked.

All along I thought my doorways needed more drama and this did it! 

I can't take very much credit  for this DIY.

You may remember all of my hissy fits here.

My husband...He rocks!

I can say it's not that hard and anyone can do it....but I won't.

It is hard if you are not a trim work molding kinda gal.

know what I mean?

Honesty is always forthcoming here and this job was and is hard!


Please oh please don't let this post stop you for one minute.

It's worth every hissy fit and tantrum.

Every wasted cut and splinter.

Can you see the huge difference?

I never knew molding would rock my world ...ha!

And in case you were wondering...

I'm  Marc is on a roll.

I think we may just rock it on thru the whole house!

So pretty much our house is in this stage right now.

The extra long weekend full of rain gave us a head start.

So if you are thinking about dressing up your doorways...

My friend Missy gives an awesome tutorial.

She also shares a few other links that were a great help to us as well.

You would not want to use our tutorial...

hissy fits and tears are not that pretty...ha!

xoxox Susie~


  1. Sista...that looks great! Marc did a great job.
    Glad I did not ride over, ya know I hate hissy fits & tears!

    Missy does have a fabulous blog and tutorials on lots of great things, including this one.

    Talk to ya later,

  2. These look awesome! - What is your ceiling height (am curious if my 8-foot ceilings can "support" the look). BTW, been meaning to write you & tell you that my "Bienvenue" sign looks great - ordered a few weeks ago, but married off a daughter between then & now!

  3. My ceilings are pretty high but I think a standard 8 foot could so rock it as well! In fact they make your celings look even higher :)

  4. Love love love it. What a difference. And since Marc is on a roll...keep him going. If he is anything like my hubby, when he gets on a roll I just let him have at it because when he winds down, he is down for awhile.

  5. wow!!! it is sooooo beautiful..hahaha, just what I need...another project..but this is worth it!

  6. Love how that looks! I just pinned it ... it would be perfect above our study doors.

  7. They look just wonderful! Amazing what a change like that can do! Wow!


  8. I love door headers too! They just give that extra detail and oomph! Great job!

  9. Great job! Looks super, now I have to try it. Ha ha!

  10. GORGEOUS! That is one of the jillions of things on my never-ending to-do list. I'm suddenly inspired! Thanks for posting the pics!!!!

  11. I absolutely love how gorgeous the trim makes it look. Your husband did an amazing job.

    Many of my DIY projects involve some bossy fits and tears. I would love to say they don't but it' true.


  12. Love it!! Can you send him over here please? my hubby gets hives when I ask him to do a little DIY project.

  13. This is soo cool! I had no idea that this was attainable. Filed at Thanks for sharing!

  14. I am catching up on my blog reading and I LOVE this idea! Can't wait to show Tony!! It looks amazing!
    (Also loving the color yellow you have added to the kitchen!)

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