Blast from the past...

Year before last this was my mantel.

All decked out and barna'fied!

You can read more about how I put this together here.

Last year I was a slacker.

The thought of an overflowing mantel kinda overwhelmed me.

Do you ever feel like this?

The need to take a year off.

So that's just what I did!

You can see it here but I wouldn't waste my time...ha!

So what am I feeling this year?

I'm thinking pumpkins...lots of em!

Go figure....ha!

But these are not just your everyday pumpkins.

They are special...

More to come... ;)

So have you started thinking fall yet?



  1. I know how you feel, sometimes there are too many things going on and you simply need a decorating break. I am feeling like that this year...and it makes me sad. I must get my decorating mojo back. In the meantime I will tune in here to see your brilliant creations.

  2. Hi Susie! I know exactly how you feel! I wanted to go more simply this year and I tried, I really did, but it wasn't me. So I just piled every thing I could on my mantle! :)
    Can't wait to see yours.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Susie, I'm a newbie to the blogging world and stumbled upon your site. Imagine my surprise that you are a Louisiana girl! I was born and raised in Louisiana, before moving across the state line to Texas. Love your site! The gumbo pics were so refreshing! LOL! Feel free to stop by my site and say hello!

  4. I just workend on my mantel yesterday and can't wait to see yours. I see mine needing a tweaking afterwards. ha ha
    I love the wreaths on your doors. Beautiful!!

  5. I hear loud and clear. I have done the exact same thing...just taken a year off, and been perfectly fine with it. I have cleared off our mantle this week, and am gearing my thoughts toward fall...oh so fun!!!

  6. 1. Your "barna'fied" (lol!) mantel is wonderful!

    2. I didn't bother to look at last year's. :)

    3. I LOVE me some punkins, so I can't wait to see what you have to share!

  7. Love this post and thank you for saying it. I spent hours yesterday working on my mantle only to remove most of it. It's still has some but everytime I tried to add more it just felt like too much. I can say it does have a bit more then yours did. I had to go back and peek, that was minimal for sure. LOL! I love this look with the lanterns and crows. It's very pretty!

  8. I loved the ladder on the mantel, I never would have thought of that!


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