A BHG Barnacle I am!

My friends Layla and Kate were featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

So of course I needed a copy!

Standing in the middle of Wal Mart I hurridly flipped to find them.

Never....did I imagine to find this!

I painted this sign for Layla and Kevin for above their reading room!

I tried not to squeal like a girl ....but I think I may have.

I called my Mom and shared my news.

I guess I'm kinda like a barnacle. Ha!

Thanks Kevin and Layla for allowing me to ride along side of you.

Here is a shot of her reading room.

Ok..now I have to go wash dishes.


xoxox Susie~


  1. Congrats!!! Super exciting!! Hugs from Conroe, Texas

  2. I could almost hear you squeal from here! LOL Just kidding I would have totally squealed too! Everytime I see a blog friend in a mag I get excited and tell my family that's my blog friend...even though I've never met them. Ha.

  3. susie...that is exciting!!! i'm gonna check it out now because YOU'RE (kinda) in the issue :) :)

    cheers my friend!

  4. I'd have squealed like a girl as well. Congrats.

  5. How cool! My scrapbook page got featured in the Hobby Lobby magazine this quarter. (Not nearly as cool as yours!).

  6. OM Goodness! How exciting! I would have squealed too!

    Good for you!

  7. How cool is that! What a nice surprise. Sea witch

  8. Such a wonderful surprise.


  9. Don't you go and get all famous on us now... haha... just kidding.. GO!!! GET ALL FAMOUS!!!
    Congratulations honey! I know you have to be out of your skin excited!! :)

  10. Congratulations, Susie!! That is wonderful! Best wishes to you!!

  11. How fun is that? Congratulations! I adore that sign. One of these days I'm going to get an awesome one from you. Your work is so beautiful.

  12. You are famous!!! That is sooooo neat!! Now I'm looking forward to seeing your signs in Southern Living any day now!!!! Congrats!

  13. I think you did great....I would have had to walk up to every shopper in the store and tell them " Look, I painted that!!!!" LOL You are a very talented fun lady, no doubt about it!

  14. Oh, Susie I'm so excited for you!!!
    Somehow I missed that sign. It's wonderful. :)

  15. wow,, that is exciting. I would;ve squealed like a girl for sure. I remember that sign when you painted it. I love it. I've got to run out and get my copy of BHG.

  16. Congrats, Susie! Squeal away!

  17. happy dance happy dance
    only a sister will cry happy tears with ya!
    Love you,
    From your crazy sista

  18. I'm finally getting over here to see your sign. A barnacle? You're silly! Your artistry looks great.

  19. So incredibly cool!! Congrats Susie!

  20. Congrats Susie! That us so super cool!

  21. How exciting!! I would have squealed, too. :)

  22. Nice surprise for a Thursday morning at the 'Mart! Congratulations!

  23. Wahooo!!!! How exciting is THAT???? Thrilled for you!

  24. That's so awesome, Susie! Now I can say I "know" 3 people in that magazine. I feel famous! ; )

  25. Awesome!!! I'm so happy for you!

  26. That's so awesome, Susie. Now I am looking forward to seeing your signs in Southern Living any day now. you are such a very famous person.
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  27. Susie..this is fantastic.
    I have loved this sign you painted ever since I saw it, last year.
    I want one like it sooo bad; well, not the same words, but close. When you have time, email me with a quote on price, please, ma'am.
    XO bj

  28. Thanks again for the AWESOME sign Susie Bloop!
    We love it!

    K & L

    PS- Crazy to see our old reading room in BH&G! It looks so different now- LOL! :-D

  29. Susie, that's so awesome! I have deeply loved that sign since you blogged about it when you finished painting it. I would love a quote for the same sign with slightly different wording as well when you have a chance. laurie.smith at live dot com. Congratulations!

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