You is kind.

You is kind.
You is special.
You is important.

Behind all of my projects is one sweet man.

Can you see all of my mistakes above?  Um yeah.

Not all DIY's go smooth. Gasp!

In fact some of them drive me to tears, temper tantrums, and bouts of...

I don't wanna play no more!
(insert bad grammar....ha)

But then along comes this gentle soul. My Marc.

He is not a lover of DIY project' all.

But he loves me.   

So he figures out angles and degrees...

So I can have doorways I have only dreamed about.

I have faith and a sweet husband!

to be cont.

xoxo Susie~


  1. Gotta love a handy man! I would be lost without my hubby!

  2. Love the quote. Love! (That scene in the book AND in the movie made me tear up!)

  3. read the book.. waiting for the crowds to die down to see the movie! i want to savor it!!
    glad your marc loves doing good things for you!
    he is priceless!

  4. Love that quote - you need that on a sign! And I'd be lost without my husband as well.

  5. I LOVE those words, and I hear it in a little girl voice :) so sweet

  6. What a nice post. It's so nice to have a handy hubby. Especially when it's not his 'thing'. I know I appreciate everything my hubby does for me. I can't cut a piece of wood to save my life! :)

  7. i made sure i said those 3 truths out loud and in a southern drawl. ;o) that movie was awesome .. to the heart's core awesome.

    you have a gentle hubby. i do too. :o)

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see this DIY project!!

  9. Beautiful ode to your man. Beautiful.

  10. I know that is gonna look fabulous! So jealous
    I have a project that I am getting ready to embark in
    and will need yo man to do some angle cuts for me too!
    Tell him, I will cook him a super supper!

  11. I know what you mean. I don't know what I would do without my man. He does things that he doesn't really feel like doing, for me. But we do so many thing for them, they shouldn't mind.

    Loved the book, cried when it ended cause I wanted more. Loved the movie too.

    Can't wait to see the doorways!!

  12. That is awesome.
    What a beautiful tribute to such a sweet and thoughtful husband and friend!
    He looks like a sweetheart Susie :)

    Deborah xoxo

  13. I think not his gift with measurements and angles.....but his calm and soothing personality is what truly makes him special. Mine too...I need that balance - and ability to step back and see a situation for what it really is. He's a keeper.

  14. What a wonderful man! I haven't read the book, but I did see the movie - went not knowing anything about it, and LOVED it! Now I need to read the book ...


  15. I LOVE this post!! How sweet! :)

  16. Sweet hubby .....You IS blessed!!

  17. Sounds just like my hubby! I get very upset over practially every project I tackle because they are hard to figure out and never go as I expected - but my hubby man is there to calm me down, figure things out, and help me celebrate at the end when everything looks beautiful!

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