White 101

Just to refresh ya'll on the history of my wall of woes,

lets travel back here to my paint trickery post shall we~

It worked!
And we...meaning me...loved it!


I started to ponder after looking at some awesome kitchens.

White walls would be gorg!
(long story short)

I went to Home Depot and bought some cheap white paint.
(shoulda known better)

It did lighten and brighten the walls but it still looked a bit grey. ?

So here is where the paint lesson comes into the scene my sweet lil peeps...

Always ... Always ask for pure white and don't hold back on getting the good stuff.

Ouch ..I know but you will thank me.

This is our happily ever after photo.

Nice bright white!

Just to show ya'll the difference in white,
look below.

Can you see?

"Would the real white please stand up"....haha

So lets just say I did a lot of painting this weekend.

Now it is crisp and white and my grey cabinets Pop!

Window treatments? hmmm

Pondering always gets me into a heap of trouble...ha!

xoxox Susie~


  1. Love the white on the walls. I agree it really makes your cabinets pop.
    bamboo blinds would look great there. Would add some texture to your kitchen.

  2. OH OH ... I really think you should let me whip you up a great window out of the fabric you are gonna use on the light! It would tie the two together!

  3. WOW! What a big difference! And what a big paint job you had going on!! It looks great!

  4. Your cabinets looks absolutely wonderful against the white!!

  5. Gorgeous in white!!
    Beautiful kitchen Susan :)
    I love your "groceries" sign too!

    Deborah xo

  6. Very pretty! Brightens up everything.


  7. Beautiful! You're right, the white looks amazing with the gray cabinets.

  8. Beautiful!! Stop by my blog to enter my giveaway :)

  9. I like the white over the prints, and the cushions on the chairs, best for welcoming. Polish and finishing is attractive. Your blog is best for getting new ideas.edmont gloves

  10. I love it so much. I'm so glad you keep trying new things. I want to but can't seem to get up the nerve to do it. Would love to see your ideas for the windows.

  11. The gray cabinets look amazing with that white for a backdrop!! I love how it turned out. I am currently working on my son's room. We started with his ceiling which was a bright blue. That's what he wanted when we moved in~he was 7. Now it's a different story. It is finally white and we move on to trim and walls.



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