Trend or Tradition

Can we take a moment here?

Breathe in.

Now that this calming image has relaxed your senses, let's talk paint shall we?

Notice my two loves?

If you guess blue/grey and grey you are a winner!

I love the color on the ceiling and the faint grey walls. Adore!

Here we have another repeating the same color trend.

For a more dramatic look they went darker on the ceiling. our house?
We have girls...we have plenty Ha!

Who else wants that horse?

Feeling it?

How about now?

I knew this one would get you. Got me!

I have been a lover of blue ceilings for years.

Here is my family room below.

If you have been around for some time I'm sure you have seen this post.

It's full of blurry pictures and my family room has changed so much.

One thing has blue ceiling :)

Here is a view from my kitchen.

White ceilings and comfort grey walls.


xoxox Susie~


  1. The blue ceilings create such a peaceful mood. Just beautiful!!

  2. I have a blue ceiling like yours in my master bedroom. Can't tell you how much I adore it. LOVE.

  3. Oh my goodness, that first photo, i can feel myself relax just looking at it. I would die to know the color of those walls...
    I have comfort gray on my bottom kitchen cabinets, but it looks totally blue in my house, and gray in yours... interesting.


  4. Looking for a link to the first the color and I think I NEED to use this color somewhere in my humble abode! Thanks!

  5. Go for it...paint that kitchen and dining ceiling..just don't ask me to get on that ladder. Your dining room is high...Can't wait to see what you are up to next...

  6. This calming effect is why my bedroom is done in blues and greens. I love the peaceful atmosphere it creates. Been wondering what to do about my ceiling in there for my creative senses are awakened!!

  7. beautiful pictures. love em. im not a fan of blue but i would do a gray green!

  8. I've been wanting to do a blue ceiling, somewhere, anywhere. I love the look. And I love blue/gray, too. I have it in my kitchen.


  9. wait, I'm confused... how do you have a wood table that has NOT been painted? :)

  10. I've done plenty of painting in my day....but never a ceiling. I'm feeling the urge coming on....

  11. I love painted ceilings! We painted our daughter's ceiling in her nursery & now I want to paint all of our ceilings!

  12. I love to look at such pretty inspiration pictures - makes me want to get the paint and ladder...Like, right now!

  13. So agree. I adore blue ceilings in and out of the house. Also keeps the "haunts" away., Sea Witch

  14. All I know is its gonna be AWESOME when you paint your kitchen ceiling! ;) I, too, love that color scheme...

  15. Oh no! You just made me want to go home and paint my ceiling!

  16. I am SO feeling it! I usually lean toward the bieges and deep reds, oranges, greens and yellows. But I have recently used blue/blue-grey. It's as if the first colors I mentioned make me feel cozy, but I feel peaceful with the blue-greys. Great inspirations here.

  17. I love the blue ceilings! Where I come from, porches have blue ceilings to keep the "haints" away…I’m in the process of remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom…I think that I may copy your blue ceilings and gray walls… <3

  18. Hi Susie....Do you have a source for the second photo? I am trying to determine if the island matches the ceiling and also what color is on the walls.

    Thanks! (Love your blog and your signs....I'm so excited to order some for our new house when we move next month)

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