On the half shell....

I have been about to burst with excitement...

I now have a collection?!

Can you believe it!

On the half shell

 is the first in a series called

A Taste Of Home

I have a deep love for my state and our traditions here.

What better way to share them than here through my art!

Perfectly worn edges..

Each piece is hand painted from my original design.

I have spent countless hours mixing and matching the perfect blue~grey for this collection.

Funny thing...as I look at these photos it almost matches my SWcomfort grey color on the wall....haha!

This piece is  24" x 48" painted on birch.

This is the only size I will be making of this design for now.

I love the impact of large pieces!

I know all of you may not have the space, so I will keep this in mind for future pieces ;)

I can't wait to share the next one with all of you!

ps...want to know a funny fact about me?
I am the only person in our family who will NOT eat oysters.
They make me gag...ha!

xoxox Susie~


  1. I love it, Susie! I am in the process of planning a gut job and redesign of our bay home in Galveston. The designer already pinned your large orange Gulf sign as a possibility for the home. This one is just beautiful. I for sure must have one of your pieces for the house when it is finished. xo Vikki

  2. You make me smile!! I LOVE oysters!! Your sign is so cute and I think the size is just perfect!


  3. Hi Susie, The signs are fabulous. I have eaten in the New Orleans and the Destin Acme restaurants. At one time I would eat raw oysters then I read that they are still ALIVE!
    No thank you..

  4. I was right (for once)!

  5. You'll do well with these! Fabulous idea!!!

  6. Susie,

    Great new sign! Looking forward to the rest of the collection. (The area I am in is also known for oysters...and yes they make me gag as well!)

    Your Friend,

  7. Wonderful sign! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work - and hopefully collecting some myself as soon as I begin getting a paycheck again :-) I haven't been bowled over by all the grays in blogland, but the driftwoody/beachy/blue gray is a winner!

  8. Too funny Susie! I love your sign, but totally HATE oysters too! I've tried them every which way possible. I just can't stomach them. they remind me of a coughed up loogie. YUCK!

  9. PS: I can't wait to see what's in the rest of your collection. I feel a crawfish sign comming!

  10. It's beautiful, I love it. I also love Oysters Rockefeller.

  11. Love your sign Susie! We have had the opportunity to go to an ACME since we moved to Louisiana...unfortunately, after vacationing on the Maryland Eastern Shore for so many years I am a seafood snob. Ha, I only eat seafood when we visit back home. I tell you what though. In Metairie or Kenner, there is a restaurant called Drago's and they make the best chargrilled oysters. They are finger licking good. They also have a tasty corn and crab soup. YUMMY!

  12. wow susie! you are so talented! i love it! and i love oysters! cant wait to see the next piece in your new collection! hope you are enjoying your summer! xo

  13. Great looking sign...love me some New Orleans food!!!


  14. Wonderful sign, and the color is perfect. I have tried lettering and it's hard as anything. I won't even consider doing it anymore, no way! I have great respect for your skill in doing those letters so perfectly and the whole thing with so much charm!


  15. That's one of our favorite places to eat when we visit NOLA!

    Great sign!

  16. Oysters make me gag, too! LOL! But that sign is GORGEOUS!!! You are so very talented, girlie!!!!

  17. LOVE the Acme and sign and the Admit Ticket. Can't wait to see the fabric. Keep up the fantastic work!

  18. LOVE it! My husband is a huge fan of oysters. Me not so much. Wish I had space for this in our home!

  19. This post made me smile...made me think of my mother. I know it's not the same but growing up in NJ our family went every year to a ham & oyster dinner put on by local firefighters at the local firehouse. Fundraisers and boy howdy were they fun. Even if you went early you were often waiting for 2 hours before you could get your food there were that many people there. They were my mother's favorite days of the year. We were just talking about them a few months ago, shortly before she passed away. Good memories, Susie. Beautiful work. Thank you for making my morning. :)

  20. Love the sign...hate oysters! Ha!

  21. Love this new piece. Gorgeous. The color is perfect.

    The fabric you've chosen is fantastic. I am amazed at some of the fabric prices I have seen lately. Definitely out of my league.


  22. Love love love!! You're so talented, Missy! Keep up the amazing work!
    Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor

  23. Ah yes, Acme Oyster House! Good memories. Maybe you need to do a sign of Mother's next, another New Orleans classic! Nice job, Susie!

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