Flea Market Style!

It's that time of year again!

Oh Flea Market Style how I love thee~

This has got to be one of my favorite magazines ever.

I had the joy of meeting Heather Bullard.

She is the Senior Editor and the very talented photographer behind many of their photo's.

A friend shared that she had spotted my name.....What???

Oh my word!

Thank you thank you thank you...Flea Market Style!

What an honor!

If you want a copy of your very own...


My Mom just might buy up the entire stock....ha!

xoxox Susie~

It is finished.

I try so hard to get caught up.

In fact I dream about my list...will they ever be checked off?

Have you ever wondered if you will ever get there?

Maybe a long journey ahead of you?

Trying to complete a never ending task...laundry.

Paying off your mortgage.

This sign is such an awesome reminder of the price Jesus paid for us.

I think it is the most beautiful Greek word in scripture.

You can read more about it here.

And in John19:30

Every time I walk pass this sign feeling the burdens of this world....

I stop. I breathe. I remember...

I am grateful.

xoxox Susie

If you are interested in one of these signs just email or comment me.
I would be happy to paint a sweet reminder for your home too.

Trend or Tradition

Can we take a moment here?

Breathe in.

Now that this calming image has relaxed your senses, let's talk paint shall we?

Notice my two loves?

If you guess blue/grey and grey you are a winner!

I love the color on the ceiling and the faint grey walls. Adore!

Here we have another repeating the same color trend.

For a more dramatic look they went darker on the ceiling.

Drama...in our house?
We have girls...we have plenty Ha!

Who else wants that horse?

Feeling it?

How about now?

I knew this one would get you. Got me!

I have been a lover of blue ceilings for years.

Here is my family room below.

If you have been around for some time I'm sure you have seen this post.

It's full of blurry pictures and my family room has changed so much.

One thing has remained...my blue ceiling :)

Here is a view from my kitchen.

White ceilings and comfort grey walls.


xoxox Susie~

You is kind.

You is kind.
You is special.
You is important.

Behind all of my projects is one sweet man.

Can you see all of my mistakes above?  Um yeah.

Not all DIY's go smooth. Gasp!

In fact some of them drive me to tears, temper tantrums, and bouts of...

I don't wanna play no more!
(insert bad grammar....ha)

But then along comes this gentle soul. My Marc.

He is not a lover of DIY project's...at all.

But he loves me.   

So he figures out angles and degrees...

So I can have doorways I have only dreamed about.

I have faith and a sweet husband!

to be cont.

xoxo Susie~

Every little thing!

Need to brighten up a wall?

Why not art?

Add a little sunshine to any room with this fun sign!

Sign comes in 2 sizes.
24"x24" and 34"x34"

Hand painted and distressed on birch.

Colors are optional.

                               To find out more info or to purchase you can visit my shop here.



Spray or Brush?

First of all ...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I loved hearing your opinions on the bar stools.

All of them.

Many of you asked painting questions in the comments and emails.

So here are just a few of my tips.

I love to spray when I can.

It's easy and let's just be honest here....it's fun!

Now that I have my little spray helper ;)

You can buy these at Wal Mart for under 3.00.

They just snap on to the top of your paint can.

It really saves the finger and the nails.

If you take your time and add thin coats you will prevent a lot of runs and drips.

Your finished product will come out nice and smooth.

Now before we go any further...

I might suggest you sand or use a liquid sander if you are painting over an existing paint.

I did not.

Why?.... Because my paint was worn so thin and I was lazy.

Next.. I would recommend priming your furniture before painting.

My bar stools were black and really needed this step.

Did I do it?.... nope.

Regret? Yes!

After 3 cans of spray paint my wallet started to tremble.

Three cans brought me to the point you see here and I still had one stool left.


I decided to throw in the towel and just paint.

One question was how I made it so smooth.

It's all in the brush baby!

I use Purdy products.

I also used a High Gloss paint here as you can see.

I few of you recommended I rough it up a bit.

Sand the edges.

Some of you even suggested I add a glaze.

I just may take ya'll up on that offer.

It's always fun to play with paint on pieces like this.

You just can't go wrong...

If you do..paint again!

So thanks for all of the great compliments and suggestions.

If you are a DIY or would love to become one

I have the place for you!

Haven Conference 2012

Haven Conference 2012.
Hope to see you there!

xoxox Susie~

Mellow Yellow Anyone?

This is only a test. Don't be alarmed. I repeat..this is only a test .  hahahaha

I did something I thought I would never do.

Not in a million years.


I won't tell you it came easy nor without a bout of hysteria.

I won't tell you that I may have hyperventilated more than once.

Question of the day...

Do you love em?..... I'm not sure.

Why did you go so bold?

I guess I wanted to test my inner most braveness?

Oh.... I don't know why I did it.

Maybe cause all the cool kids are using yellow...ha!

I do know that I smile everytime I walk into my kitchen now.

Who knows, maybe from delirium..ha!

What I do know is I'm not married to them.

I can change them as fast as my paint brush can fly!

It's ok to try something new.

Go bold.

Take risk.

It's ok not to like it too.

Do you?

There is no right or wrong answer here.

I just wanted to share here that it's ok to take a risk in decorating.

Who knows ...you may just fall in love.


You may just be running back to Mr. Sam at the paint counter begging for mercy!

All in all....it's just paint.

Try it.

You may like it....or not ;)

ps... It's Gliddens Warm Gold in case you are a lover.

xoxoxo Susie~

Fun Faux Roman Shades

At last..

What a fun fast journey this has been.

As you may remember, I put out an SOS looking for this fabric.


Sold out. No longer in stock. Sorry.

But I'm not a quitter.


I pressed on and searched.

I googled.

I prayed.

(insert heavenly music)

I spotted this image and tracked her down like a coon dog sniffin' a trail!

I will make it a bit easier for ya'll and just share the link here.

(Now that you are back from purchasing your yardage...hehe..)

I started with clothes pins.

In the past I feared  cutting fabric and wallpaper. Fear?  Really?

Not anymore!

I just cut that baby.

I even may have used kiddie scissors out of Madison's back pack....really.

I moved it around a bit till I got the look I was going for.

No, not balloon shades..remember those?

I had a house full of em!

I folded till it looked about even, which by the way, they are not.

It's drives my husband crazy...ha!

Let's back up a step...

I sewed a liner to the back for a more custom look ;)

It also help add thickness for shape and shade.

I tacked here and there.

I then folded a very tiny amount over a piece of scrap wood.

Small nails worked perfect to hold it into place.

I then screwed the board onto the wall a few inches higher than exsisting window.

Mmmmm love~

I really love how they bring fun back into this kitchen!

Can you guess what color I'm playing with now?

xoxox Susie~