Ya know ya been bloggin'...

Ya know ya been blogging for years when...

You go on vacation with good intent not to speak of, look at, nor mention your blog on vacation.

All the while you look around your condo and see your blog friends everywhere!

The lamp above... I named  Beth. ( her love of coral you know ;)

This chair and dresser...

Reminded me of Rhoda.

Do ya'll ever do this?

I knew I had the nack for picking things out for my family but now I'm doing it with my blog friends too...ha!

Guess my tag line is really true.

Where friends become family!

This next one... big ole bag of hot n spicy pork skins?

Umm...that would be all me!....

I don't know what it is about pork skins and vacation
but they go hand in hand in my book.

And what on earth was I thinking here?

Trying on a two hundred dollar hat not mention my HUGE fear of lice.

Vacations just make you go crazy I tell ya.

Must be the sun.

We won't even dwell on the fact that my daughter was feathered.

Yes... feathered.

She had been asking for some time now and what better time than on vacation...

small story here...

I thought 40.00 was a good price to pay for feathers in ones hair.
The thought of painstakingly weaving and braiding  long hair would be well worth it.... or not.

I about died when all it was was a  bead clamped down on 3 tiny feathers.

That's it. No braid..No weaving.. No painstaking labor.....really!

Ok... I feel better now.

Just look at that cute smile.

I guess thats worth 40.00 dollars anyday.. (smile)

Now for the real...
see the non edit photo?
The one with the burn lines?...ouch.

(Hope the lady in above photo doesn't mind but I love this shot)
Fun colors.

I think we ( meaning I ) should have worn sunscreen.

Next year it will be a must.

And why is it when you have a burn....

everyone wants to touch it..ha!

Forward to today...

My burn/blisters/peeling skin are now a past memory, thank you Lord, leaving a sweet tan.
Maddy is still enjoying her feathers. (smile)
Our computer monitor is now replaced. (Big smile)
So now I can catch up with all of you.

(me leaning over our blog fence with a sonic coke in hand. One for you too)

What's been going on in your yard?

I've missed you!

(and whats with all the ( ) ( ) ( )???

Guess I can blame that one on the sun too...hehe.


  1. Looks like fun. Next time you want feathers for your daughter come to Dallas they are about 5.00 per feather.

  2. My daughter got feathered at the fair for around $25. They are cute.

  3. Really cool condo! I am sure she loves her feathers! A friend of mine from high school was at the beach the same time we were and they stopped by and both her girls have them.

  4. Ouch for the sunburn! Loved looking around your blog while you were on vacation. Very enjoyable!

  5. The beach looks so good....and the furniture in the condo is fab! The sweet smiles are definitely worth the price we pay for things they want. :)

  6. Hey, friend! Oh what fun, a beach vaca. My fave. LOL on blog friends at the beach. Yep, I guess that comes with the territory. we all have our things. Glad ya'll had fun except for the burn part. I hardly ever sit in the sun anymore, can't take the burns, I've had way too many of those.

    I sure think your Maddie looks a lot like your sister. Do you hear that a lot?

  7. Thanks for the sonic coke. :)


  8. That looks like so much fun! I'll definitely pass on the burn though. Doesn't it make you mad at yourself when that happens? We all know better but we do it any way. :)

  9. fun! makes me that much more excited to get my own beach vacation started...unfortunately i have another month til we leave.

  10. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011


    I recognized Rhoda right away! :)
    Sounds like you had another wonderful vacation (except for the sun burn!) Be careful. I've had sun poisoning twice. It's NOT fun.

    Your Friend,

  11. I do the same thing when I'm out shopping for clothes! You know, this shirt would look great on that friend, oh, Susie needs this lamp, etc., etc. Funny thing is I NEVER find anything that screams my name (except at antique shops!).


  12. Hi ya Susie!
    Your sunburn looks painful. Oh my, you poor thing. Glad you are on the other side of it now.

    And yes, when i go on vacation I take my blogging buddies with me. I totally say stuff like..."Susie would love this" ....Gen could really repurpose that into something cool. Yep, I do it too. : )
    Okay, so apparently i have been under a rock. What is feathering?

  13. So glad you're back and so glad you had fun. You wont believe this but my middle daughter got feathered at the Canton Flea Market for $20.00. It was a really good deal for two tiny feathers. Yeah right.:)

  14. ALWAYS, always wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you for it.

    Maddie is so pretty and what a head of hair!!


  15. Hey Susie,, I do that too,, i'll see something and think that looks just like so and so's blog and of course no one knows what the heck im talking about. Those feathers,, are you kidding me?? they are just clamped in,, I thought for sure they were braided into the hair some how.. but Maddy sure looked happy.

  16. I have missed reading your blog:) It always makes me smile! (I haven't been readying any blogs, by the way)

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your vacation and I hope your sunburn is gone. Welcome back to the real world.

  17. Sista...you looked fab in that hat!
    Maddy rocked those feathers.
    I should have gotten me some for Vegas. LOL
    Had a great, crazy, busy beach/Vegas week but happy to be home and back to blogland.

  18. Looks like you had a great vacation! I like the colorful umbrellas in your picture. Yes, you should use sunscreen ALL the time. Be careful! Thanks! a Sonic Coke sounds good. Glad you are back :D

  19. Hate those super red burns but love it when it turns into a tan.
    My daughter would like those extensions, too. She's 18 and will probably try doing them herself.


  20. LOVE this post! Every word of it!

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