Three lil birds ....

It's been quiet here. very quiet.

Maddy is attending church camp this I paint.

Have you ever been afraid to create art?
i have

But in the end it's like a beautiful love story.

So I conquered  that fear...and painted.

Painted without a care in the world.

Painted with Joy  in my heart.

I finished last night and couldn't wait till morning.

Colors play differently when the suns out.

You can see here how the colors change..

I took these at different times so you could see the difference.

I have huge 100 year old oak trees in my backyard so I have to work in the morning hours.

After lunch....pure shade ;)

The background is different shades of neutral creams and whites with hues of blue mixed in.

The three lil birdies are painted a blue/ favorite.

Three lil birdies is for sale in case any of you may be wondering.

It's painted on a 24" x 24"  piece of birch.

Distressed to be perfectly imperfect!


If you are interested in this piece, please email me.

I hope to be on a roll this week and share many more.

And while we're on a roll..

I know ya'll were thinking it....  "smile"


  1. Susie,

    That is gorgeous! and I love the song to go with it.

  2. Susie,

    I love the birdie painting that I purchased from you! Basing my entire new office design off of it. I will send you some pics when I have a worthy couple. If anyone is thinking they may like the painting, I promise you will! They are so much more special in person. xo Vikki

  3. Beautiful painting! My mom was a painter and I have lots of her paintings around my home. I also have some that are not framed yet but I am running out of room to hang them. Her paintings are such a treasure to me!! You seem to enjoy painting just as much as she did! Great work!

  4. This is beautiful, charming, i love it. The colors, the softness and the simplicity of it are heavenly, and the little birds are so sweet.
    And... i totally know what you mean about painting in good light, it's crazy how things change with the light.


  5. U are one talented lady!

  6. Painting without fear
    The only way to go
    Very nice

  7. This is so beautiful! I love it

  8. Your art is simply beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend your time. Can you teach us how?

  9. This one is completely gorgeous. I absolutely love the mixture of colors in the background. I even showed my husband and said I wanted to buy your work when we get a house someday - And his response? PIN IT so we can remember where you found it! Smart man! ;)

  10. Beautiful painting, love the lil birds.I am looking around to see if I have a spot for it.~Cheers Kim

  11. Sweet birds and beautiful music. Sea witch

  12. Absolutely beautiful! And I love that song! : )

  13. <3 More stunning in person! Received my gift, and have hung it already... In love with the painting, and could not even begin to express to you in words how it makes me feel. ~Emilie

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