A little rental reno that could?

She had me at real wide plank floors.

flowering trees and  a rusty tin roof

This little vine covered cottage lives on my Dads property.

My next door neighbor you could say.

Although it has been here for years
 with its cute front porch onlooking a pond....

I never gave it a second look.

It has been a starter home for some in our family and recently been used as a rental.

Today it sits empty...waiting..

Real wood.....love~


Did I mention renters?

(photos are a bit disturbing)

I'm trying to look past the carpet and biting fleas to take in the possibilities.

A cute desk or ottoman in this lil alcove...

Can you see it?

A small bath with some big needs.

What would you do?

Its days like this I need Layla's presto chango magic!

When I mentioned painting the cabinets and woodwork,
I was holding my breath.

Something about painting wood drives most men crazy.

Not my Dad.

He said to Go for it!

Thats all I needed to hear ;)

One last room other than the storage room... the laundry.


It took about 4 minutes to snap these photos and find my feet covered in fleas.

Fresh air..wheww

Step one...

Flea bombs..!

I'm going in...

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome here ;)



  1. Very cute...of course I'm seeing it all white!

  2. Sounds like you've got a fair bit of work ahead of you. Also sounds like a ton of fun. Can't wait to see what happens in there. :)

  3. What an absolutely beautiful home! I can see all sorts of possibilities. White cabinets in the kitchen, window seat in the alcove...Even with all of the abuse it seems to have suffered-it still looks warm and inviting..(hope that made sense).

    I can't wait to see more :-))

  4. I can see the wood all white. Colors on the walls. Any idea what's under that carpet? It sure looks like it is past the "I can save it with a steam cleaner from Home D" stage.

    Looks like a fun project.

  5. once the flea bombs have done their job, i say let the white paint fly! can't wait to see the transformation susie!



  6. AnonymousJuly 12, 2011

    You better wear a mask! You're a brav little gal battlin' those ole fleas! :)
    It's really a cute little place and you're gonna fix her up? You have the most wonderful decorating skills and ideas and I know you'll make it look like a little doll house!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I love, love, love painted paneling, painted cabinets, painted doors and moldings...you probably have those ideas already since you ran "painting the wood" by your daddy. I do, however, love the front doors as they are. Gosh, I hope the fogger is successful!

  8. ortho boric acid... sprinkle it around, it does something to the legs of the fleas so they can't mate.. takes a little longer than bombing, but with both of them, you might see some results.. plus, pull out the carpet???
    This little place is LOADED with potential!!!


  9. Oh boy!!!! A project! And I agree first NO FLEAS!!!! In the kitchen I saw pretty white cabinets with splashed of red....you know 1940's meets now.....Same with the wainscotting...nice crisp light color......And the bathroom...now that is some work, but boy can that be cute! I would love a place like this!!!! I don't live where there are fleas....but I guess I wouldn't have carpet in the house if the fleas like it! :) Good Luck, can' wait to see the "during" and "after" photos! Sandy

  10. I can't wait to see your reveal! What a cute little home!

  11. That place has lots of potential once you deal with the fleas. Any chance of decent flooring under the rugs? Love the wide planks and the gorgeous double doors. Lots of white on the woodwork will be a major improvement. Good luck, and of course hoping you share the journey.

  12. Big project but I bet the end results will be beautiful!

  13. How exciting! The first idea that came to my mind was to remove those cabinets next to the window in the kitchen. I am picturing a wall of subway tile there with some open shelving with metal brackets holding them up (Ikea style). I also see an island if there is room, and paint those cabinets below of course in a white or pretty blue with butcher block countertops. White trimwork and carpet removal will do wonders though! Have fun!

  14. This place is going to be super cute when you're done with it. I see great about of paint in your future.

    Now, about those pesky fleas...my homeopathic vet swears by food-grade Diatomaceous Earth...not the stuff sold at pool supply stores, tho'. DA kills them by dehydrating the flea (and all the other creepy crawlers that like to sneak insidie)...but it's safe for people and pets to be around.

    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

  15. Lovely little place. Such a pity renters have no respect for other's property!

  16. My husband and I are working on rehabbing our future retirement home.. What will become my sewing room was dark rough cut oak.. Hubby used a rented sprayer and made them all white... I LOVE it..

    You can see it before here ..


    and after here..


  17. How fun!! We love fixing up homes!! There are good bones and tons of potential in that little home!

  18. what a nice little home,, I agree with you, I could definitely see Layla working some magic in there. I bet its gonna be beautiful whatever you decide to do.

  19. I am seeing a seaside decor. Lots of whites and texture....jute rugs and burlap of course. Hints of a soft almost white "aqua". I will be following this fun project the whole way. Paula

  20. Oh! Susie~What an exciting project for you. I look forward to see your amazing transformations. So much fun!!

    I would definitely start by ripping out those ugly rugs. The kitchen flooring needs to go too. You have your work cut out for you. Hopefully those fleas are as good as gone.

    Have fun!!


  21. Cute!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I'm loving looking at your vacay pics. Y'all are so cute! : )

  22. Did you see the low budget makeover that whitehorse farm did? anyway I would paint the cabs with oldwhite chalk paint (no primer needed) lightly distress and then wax. Paint the floor light blue and all the walls a soft light grey. The kitchen window is cool and I would change out the fixture above it to a farm style fixture with the curved arm and the ruffled aluminum shade. Big rustic baskets on top of the shelves for more storage...you get the picture!

  23. the rental reno has some great possibilities. I can see the cabinets white in the kitchen with some beadboard backsplash and the parquet floors in there; if they are in good condition sanded and stained a lighter color. I would also place a different light fixture above the sink. Love those industrial ones like barn house electric has.

    Oh my, the fleas! Well, even though you are bombing, if there is hardwood under there, I would definitely rip up the carpet. The bathroom looks like maybe you might have to gut. Wouldn't that be fun to start with a blank canvas?

  24. I see a series coming up, instead of Sara's House it is Susie's House! Are you reading HGTV?!!

  25. As others have said, I can see all white woodwork and in the kitchen too. I might take the upper cabinets out all together and put up open shelving on either side of the window. It looks like a fun project. I bet your mind is swimming with ideas. Keep us updated:))

  26. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Hi Susie!
    Just browsing around my new "neighbor's" site! There's so much potential in this house-what a fun project, albeit quite a large project. Count me in for helping!

  27. I like your idea of painted paneling, painted cabinets, painted doors and moldings. It looks very beautiful and awesome work.
    kitchen doors scotland

  28. Okay, with regard to the fleas, rip up that carpeting even if there is no hardwood underneath. You are talented enough to think of alternative flooring (peel and stick tile, sanded, painted and sealed plywood.....anything but carpeting). Don't forget to use a mask and eye goggles. I love this place and I agree with all the suggestions that it needs to be light with some contrast here and there. Good luck! A mother's love knows no limits!!

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