Home at last!

Ahhh ...that familiar place called home.

It welcomes you with open arms and empty cabinets!


We had a wonderful time in Florida full of laughs and too much food.

Speaking of too much...

lets just say I'm well done.

I should have listened to my parents and wore sunscreen...ouch!

My sister Missy, took some fun pictures of us while on the beach.

Thank goodness she knows how to edit.

I had some serious tan lines going on here...ha!

I hope to share more pictures but for now I must go grocery shopping.

Our cabinets are saying...Boo~

Ps.. I can't believe I forgot to draw a winner for my book giveaway.

I will make sure to have a winner in my next post.....promise.

Miss ya'll~  Susie


  1. You are beautiful, sunburn or not! :) I soooo miss the beach! Hopefully I'll get down there before too long.

    I've been going through all the posts I've missed...girl, I wish I could subscribe via email! I love your sweet yellow sign you did for your 7 year old friend. :) And those crabs for VBS? CUTE! : )

  2. We were just in Destin for a week... Gorgeous!

  3. Welcome back from your vacation, it IS always nice to come home even though you enjoyed your vacation.
    Nice tan....here I live in Florida and I haven't even been to the beach yet this year.
    Enjoy your day!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  4. HI Susie, welcome back. It is always great to get away! so glad you had a wonderful time...loved all the pictures you took. And GIRL YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! Wowee Kazowee! I'm happy you had a happy and good time.

  5. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011


    Love that pic of you and your hubby! You sure are burnt but look totally rejuvenated! Hope it doesn't hurt much. Please protect your skin in the future. I know someone who is battling Melanoma.

    Your Friend,

  6. welcome home! You look great...like you enjoyed your time in the sun! ;D

  7. Susie Love the pic of you and your husband. You are beautiful and your teeth are so white and pretty..... (I have worked at a dentist office for years...I always notice teeth...is that weird LOL) Anyway we too just got back from Fl, had a blast... I love your blog and your style. Thanks for sharing so much. Lisa

  8. That first picture is so stinking adorable! Ya'll look great!

  9. Susie, you look so happy and beautiful! Welcome home...

  10. So glad you all had a great time at teh beach. I love that pic of you and your hubby! : ) Y'all look too sweet.

  11. Such a wonderful picture of you and Hubby! You look great (and a little red) The place you stayed looked fabulous!

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