The Easiest Floor Ever!

I decided on allure flooring for the little rental redo.

It's good. It's easy.

If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was the real thing.


It even feels like real wood.

It has a type of peel n' stick method that works nicely without having to glue.

Large snips or box blade can be used for saws!

We had someone come in and install it for us.

To be honest, I was a bit scared not to mention my lack of free time.

After watching him lay a few planks, I'm hooked on this stuff.

I'm thinking the kids rooms may be next.

Next go' round I will try my hand at it ;)

The little rental reno is moving slow.

I still have to paint ....a lot.

Thank you for all the emails and comments.

Your ideas and links were all just beautiful and just what I had in mind.

Only downfall,
 I have to keep in mind that this is a rental.

With that (boo), I have be creative yet conscious of the fact renters are not always nice.

A hard balance but I'm up for the challenge!


  1. The floors look fabulous. I never heard of it. I want some new floors in the guestroom. I have to check this out. Hugs, Marty

  2. It looks great. I am looking for something to refloor my bedroom with do you recommend this? I can't wait to see the rest.

  3. I do recommend this product! No paid ads here..haha. We bought this flooring so we can review the good bad and ugly if we would like. My dad used this same flooring in his home in Washington and loved it. I plan on using it in a few rooms in my home as well. Hope this helps some :)

  4. I like this a lot, Susie! Now I'm thinking of the floor in my guest room!!


  5. That really looks nice. I'll keep that in mind for my projects.

  6. We used the same stuff for our bathroom and we loved it too!

  7. My husband just put this in our porch-turned-family-room. He installed about 300 sq. ft in just over 4 hours. He used a utility blade to cut the length, but did use his miter box and his table saw for some angles and strange cuts. It worked beautifully! We are loving the floor!

  8. Don't you love it?? this is what we just put in in my little bathroom & it is great stuff. So easy to install. I also love the next step up one with Allure, it snaps together and looks like hand-scraped. I would consider it too. good job, Susie Q!

  9. I've been looking at this floor ever since I saw it at Southern Hospitality. It looks amazing in person! What color did you use? We are wanting to put a new floor in our kitchen but not wanting to spend a ton of money & after reading your review & Rhonda's I think I'm going to place an order! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I chose the Allure planks for a bathroom renovation we did 7 months ago and I seriously LOVE it! I used the color "Mahogany." Here's the link if anyone wants to see that color:

    I told Rhoda (@ Southern Hospitality) that I wish I had known about this flooring before I spent thousands of dollars to put laminate floors in some of the other rooms of our house 18 months ago. The laminate was a big costly mistake I deeply regret but the Allure is FABULOUS. If I had the money, I'd rip all the laminate out and put down Allure in a heartbeat. Did I say it's fabulous stuff??? :)

  11. I put down the allure in my bathroom almost 2 yrs. ago and I love it! It looks so real, but no problem if it gets wet, great product.

  12. is it really as nice as it looks?? i'm emailing this to my husband NOW. lol we have ugly vinyl in the kitchen that we didn't want to spend a lot to cover up...this may be EXACTLY what i'm looking for!!

  13. oh...where did you find this? lowes, home depot? THANKS!

  14. I love the look of this flooring...but the thing I hate most about laminate floors is that 'hollow' sound you get when you walk on can tell right away it's not hardwoods...what does the sound like?? Thanks

  15. Good choice as it is a rental. I actually saw something similiar that Candace Olsen used on one of her makeovers. It really does look like real wood and with dogs, kids, renters, etc. : ) it really is a good choice.

    Looking forward to seeing all the other things you do to the rental.

  16. I love Allure. I put some pics on my blog a while back. We did our boybarians' game room (4 boys, their office nook, their bathroom. We loved it so much I ended up putting it in my kitchen. And we did it ourselves to save a ton of money. It doesn't sound hollow like laminate in my opinion, because it is actually vinyl.

    Next up for us is the laundry room.

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