(Your baby turns 11 only once....hence the obscene amount of photo's.)

I thought it would be fun to make the cupcakes interesting.

cup...cakes...   :)

I know they are really adult beverage glasses..
shhh..they will never know ;)

 They thought they were the neatest cupcake holders ever!

I just hot glued a lil orchid on the stem.

Having a lula means having fun!

One can get tacky with's ok.

Are these not the cutest straws ever?!

....Dollar tree

For party favors I personalized these cute pineapple cups.

Dollar Tree...

Lanterns...Dollar Tree

Right before her party started, Maddy (lucky girl) had flowers delivered to her door.
They were from my brother Shawn.  love you~

I just noticed that she is almost as tall as I am now...oh my!

A fun shot of some of the girls in the playhouse.

These were some of the sweetest 11 yr old girls ever!

Heidi...never left out..ha!

Missy and Brittany

Me & the sweetie!

Blaise and Missy

Brett and Kaylee

Outside we had a snowball station.

A huge hit in 100 degree weather!

"The Tent"

This year she almost spent the night in it all night...almost..hehe

But before we said goodnight we had a little firework show.
Thank you Blaise!

Have ya'll ever seen these?

They are like a small hot air balloon....neat!

We watched as it floated away...

and speaking of away...

My birthday girl leaves first thing Monday morning for GA camp.

An entire week..sniff

Guess it will be just me an this fella ;)




  1. looks like a lot of fun! If I let my daughter have another party for her 11th next year I might have to use this theme idea! I am still recovering from her 10th in March when we had 15 girls :) I love dollar tree for their party things!

  2. What a fun party! Thanks for having us, we really enjoyed it. Call me if ya get lonely this week. LOL

  3. What a wonderful day for Maddy. Love the luai theme and all the family pics.
    I have seen that thing that was floating away recently in our neighborhood. LOL maybe it was from Maddy's party.

  4. looks like you had much more success with your lantern than my cousin did in Texas. Here's my post of her practicing for her wedding.

    btw...she won't be having these at her wedding. :)
    Cute birthday party, you didn't miss a detail.
    Take care!

  5. AnonymousJuly 18, 2011


    I had a luau when I turned 11 and still remember it to this day! Our neighbor was from Hawaii and helped my mother plan everything. :D

    You did a wonderful job, such attention to details.

    Happy birthday to Maddy!

    Your Friend,

  6. Happy birthday, Maddy! How fun was that party! The girls are adorable...even the grown up ones! : )

  7. Oh wow!!! This party looks like it was such a HIT! I'm not kidding your kiddoes are so lucky to have such an awesome mom!! Their parties are always so fun to read about! Keep up the great work being so amazing! :)

  8. You are the awesomest mom EVER!!!! Great photos of a terrific par-tay.

  9. I'm late to comment but I love all your decorations for the party! HOW CUTE are those lanterns......and the pineapple drink cups! Dollar Tree rocks!

  10. That looked like such a fun party!! and Oh my I remember GA camp and my daughter went too. Fun times!!

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