Pondering with paint...

Ya'll might remember when I painted my kitchen cabinets grey?

I had to do a little paint trickery back then.

I liked it...loved it.. but it was just growing dark on me.

So I started searching for grey cabinets with white walls

here are just a few.


See how the white walls allow the grey to shine!

So yes...I think I'm going to paint


It has been a while...no?

xoxox susie~

Southern Ya'll

(Jess & Shelby a perfect match)!

Wecome to my real world down south!

I share so much here about my house but this is what makes it home

My family.

So here are just a few snap shots in the day and life of my oldest son...

Real live swamp people...ha!
(please know that baby gators were released back to their momma). asap

He loves to go froggin' and yes....they are eaten here.
I know~

He cooks.
No frogs in this pot, just the base for jambalya.
Pork n sausage...

He dreams.

He dreams BIG.

He plays.

He plays hard.

He loves deep.
(i love her too)

He loves his momma....

I adore HIM.

He has a funny saying ya'll...

"momma tried"


Lord only knows...

 l love this child of mine.

Be the one.

Maddy returned home from church camp Friday.

Along with her mound of laundry, she carried home life's lessons to pass on.

Camp songs, skits, new friends numbers...oh and bug bites.

As she sang and shared most of her week with me.... something stuck.

She said, "Momma...you know Jesus loves you just the way you are"

I replied, "Isn't that wonderful" !

We teach our children this but it sounds so much better coming from camp ;)

She also told me that she would never change for anyone...

Only Jesus.
 ( insert happy momma face here)

While she was at camp I was missing her and painting.. a lot.

This sign came to heart for Maddy.

So I painted.

I like to fill her space with encouragement.

She has a small room so working with wall space is  interesting.

Too often we compare our lives with those around us.

Ever feel different, left out, not included with the other gumballs?


Stand out girlfriend!

Don't worry if you are not like the others.

That's what makes YOU ...


YOU are perfectly and wonerfully made.

xoxox Susie~

The Easiest Floor Ever!

I decided on allure flooring for the little rental redo.

It's good. It's easy.

If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was the real thing.


It even feels like real wood.

It has a type of peel n' stick method that works nicely without having to glue.

Large snips or box blade can be used for cuts....no saws!

We had someone come in and install it for us.

To be honest, I was a bit scared not to mention my lack of free time.

After watching him lay a few planks, I'm hooked on this stuff.

I'm thinking the kids rooms may be next.

Next go' round I will try my hand at it ;)

The little rental reno is moving slow.

I still have to paint ....a lot.

Thank you for all the emails and comments.

Your ideas and links were all just beautiful and just what I had in mind.

Only downfall,
 I have to keep in mind that this is a rental.

With that (boo), I have be creative yet conscious of the fact renters are not always nice.

A hard balance but I'm up for the challenge!

One mans trash~

I spotted her...

leaning, waiting,

thrown to the curb.

My husband knew..

He turned the car around...I smiled.

She fit nicely on top the many bags of mulch we had just purchased.

Only to rip one bag ;)

The wire basket will be replaced with a wicker one.

Just perfect for Heidi!

Check out these white walls....ha!

Yeah....me and these girls have many miles ahead of us...

To the kind person who left this sweet ride for the trash....thank you!

I have found a treasure indeed!

Words of wisdom.

I love this quote.

Don't you?

If it were only that simple..

I have been trying to find simplicity,

only to lose it in all my clutter....ha!

What clutter?   

Have a looksee..

If I pin one more goodie on this board..

It's not gonna be pretty folks.

Alberts quote is for sale in case you need one too.

Just maybe we can find "opportunity" together :)

Sign measures 23" x 11 1/2"
38.00 plus 18.00 shipping

Three lil birds ....

It's been quiet here. very quiet.

Maddy is attending church camp this week...so I paint.

Have you ever been afraid to create art?
i have

But in the end it's like a beautiful love story.

So I conquered  that fear...and painted.

Painted without a care in the world.

Painted with Joy  in my heart.

I finished last night and couldn't wait till morning.

Colors play differently when the suns out.

You can see here how the colors change..

I took these at different times so you could see the difference.

I have huge 100 year old oak trees in my backyard so I have to work in the morning hours.

After lunch....pure shade ;)

The background is different shades of neutral creams and whites with hues of blue mixed in.

The three lil birdies are painted a blue/grey....my favorite.

Three lil birdies is for sale in case any of you may be wondering.

It's painted on a 24" x 24"  piece of birch.

Distressed to be perfectly imperfect!


If you are interested in this piece, please email me.

I hope to be on a roll this week and share many more.

And while we're on a roll..

I know ya'll were thinking it....  "smile"


(Your baby turns 11 only once....hence the obscene amount of photo's.)

I thought it would be fun to make the cupcakes interesting.

cup...cakes...   :)

I know they are really adult beverage glasses..
shhh..they will never know ;)

 They thought they were the neatest cupcake holders ever!

I just hot glued a lil orchid on the stem.

Having a lula means having fun!

One can get tacky with decorations....it's ok.

Are these not the cutest straws ever?!

....Dollar tree

For party favors I personalized these cute pineapple cups.

Dollar Tree...

Lanterns...Dollar Tree

Right before her party started, Maddy (lucky girl) had flowers delivered to her door.
They were from my brother Shawn.  love you~

I just noticed that she is almost as tall as I am now...oh my!

A fun shot of some of the girls in the playhouse.

These were some of the sweetest 11 yr old girls ever!

Heidi...never left out..ha!

Missy and Brittany

Me & the sweetie!

Blaise and Missy

Brett and Kaylee

Outside we had a snowball station.

A huge hit in 100 degree weather!

"The Tent"

This year she almost spent the night in it all night...almost..hehe

But before we said goodnight we had a little firework show.
Thank you Blaise!

Have ya'll ever seen these?

They are like a small hot air balloon....neat!

We watched as it floated away...

and speaking of away...

My birthday girl leaves first thing Monday morning for GA camp.

An entire week..sniff

Guess it will be just me an this fella ;)