What I said was....

I didn't think I liked drum shades.

I thought they looked too modern....edgeeeeee

But what I meant to say....

I like them but they were trendy...and I fall for it every time.

Self control...

Then I see this and I start to waver just a bit..


Maybe a lot!

Cool crisp white ones would rock in my dinning room.

Trendy can last if you really love it....right?

Oh and then there's this guy...

Looking all spiffy in his swirls and sweet colors...grrrr

Ok now you have gone and done it!!


One of each please..


What I meant to say is I really fall for Trendy Drum Shades...


Just when I thought I had talked myself out of trendy shades..

What I meant to say is..

I love you.


  1. I hope they are here to stay for awhile because I'm obsessed with them! ;)

  2. Amazing how-it is all where and how you display something, and wa la you see it in a whole new loving light..
    Love them...
    Gracefully Vintage

  3. lol, this post made me smile and laugh. :) They really caught my attention too in the last couple photos!

  4. I know...when I first saw them I was like...don't think so...and now I keep thinking about where all I could put one...craziness :)

  5. I have had a huge burlap drum shade hanging over my kitchen table for 10 months now (discontinued from PB) and I LOVE it! It is the scene stealer of the room!

  6. Love them...
    remember Aunt Re had that drum shade on a lamp in Mark and Randy's room? don't remember the lamp..but the shade. It was cool.
    I bet she still has it. LOL

  7. I was exactly the SAAAAAME way with these, like I felt 100% the same way! I did a project with a lamp and added one of these shades and it took me a few, but it grew on me sooo fast! I loove it! I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your little story about Maddy and what a joy that is!! She's a doll and what a blessing that is! :)

  8. I love them too...I didnt about 5yr old when they were coming out in the stores...I didnt think it would work for my space...NOW I know it will...lol Style grows on us...just like most things in life...:) Xo, Meme

  9. I wasn't a big fan of drum shades either, but they are growing on me. Those pictures are gorgeous!

  10. I loooove those! Can we just all collectively agree to not let them go out of style for at least 20 years? I think that would work.

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